The Top 8 Backup and Archiving Myths: A Detailed Guide for MSPs

Backup and Archiving Myths

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In today’s data-driven environment where information is a critical business asset, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are key players in ensuring data resilience.

However, widespread myths about backup and archiving persist, often leading to critical missteps in data protection strategies.

These myths need to be dispelled so that businesses can fully protect themselves. Here are the big 8 misconceptions about backup and archiving: debunked.

Myth 1: Cloud Services Like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Automatically Protect All Data


While platforms like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace offer basic protections, such as short-term data recovery from recycle bins or trash folders, they are not designed to provide comprehensive backup and archiving functions. Both solutions/providers do not assure full recovery of your data in case of user error, data corruption, or ransomware threats.

For example, Microsoft 365 only saves deleted emails and files in the recycle bin for up to 90 days and recommends keeping third-party backups of your data (Microsoft Services Agreement Section 6b).

Dropsuite's Solution:

Dropsuite’s Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace backup and archiving solutions protect your data in the cloud with no automatic deletion dates. This allows you with the option to specify flexible retention periods based on your organizational requirements and restore any file on demand.

Myth 2: Backup and Archiving Are Not Crucial for Your Business


Data breaches and system failures are not just potential risks; they occur more frequently than many businesses realize.

The global average cost of a data breach was $4.45 million in 2023, compared to a few dollars per month for a comprehensive backup and archiving solution.

Dropsuite's Solution:

Dropsuite’s backup and archiving solutions act as insurance to keep your business running and ensure compliance with industry regulations and privacy laws.

Myth 3: All Backup and Archiving Solutions Are the Same


Many vendors offer backup solutions, but not all are created equal. Common issues include:

  • Poor User Experience: Many backup solutions in the market are difficult to navigate and manage, which can hinder their use.
  • Requirement for Local Agents: Some solutions are not cloud-native and require the installation of local agents, which adds complexity and limits scalability.
  • Lack of Unified Solutions: Often, backup and archiving are treated as separate entities, and most vendors do not offer them together.
  • Modular Costs: Many providers sell backup and archiving as separate modules, which can significantly increase the cost for comprehensive data protection.
  • No Compliance Option: Archiving solutions can help ensure compliance with complicated industry regulations, but some providers do not offer this feature.
  • Limited Data Coverage: Few solutions offer comprehensive backup that includes all data types, such as calendars and tasks, which are critical for business operations.
  • Sparse Analytics: Most backup and archiving solutions do not provide analytics, missing an opportunity to turn data into actionable insights.

Dropsuite's Solution:

Dropsuite stands out by addressing all the above challenges with user-centric, integrated, and cost-effective Backup and Archiving solutions. 

Myth 4: Setting Up and Managing Backup Systems Is Always Complex


This notion stems from backup systems/solutions that require administrators to download and install an agent as a precondition for the software to work.

However, certain providers have easier, more user-friendly systems. They allow customers to quickly set up their own backup automation system, coupled with one-click restore options that make backup and archiving as painless as possible.

Dropsuite's Solution:

Dropsuite simplifies the backup and archiving process with an easy-to-use, cloud-based platform that can be deployed rapidly. MSPs can customize solutions to fit varied client needs, from simple file backups to complex, compliant archiving.

Myth 5: Cloud Backup Is Less Secure Than Local Storage


Unlike storing data in a local server on-site, disruptions at the local level do not cause issues with your cloud-based data. Find a backup and archiving solution that provides military-grade encryption and servers specifically designed for large-scale, secure storage of your data.

Dropsuite's Solution:

Dropsuite is born in the cloud and provides military-grade encryption for your data both in transit and at rest.

Myth 6: Only Regulated Businesses Need Backup and Archiving


Non-regulated businesses find value in data backup and archiving. Here are some use cases:

  • Audits often require businesses to provide full and accurate data records that go back at least 6 years (e.g., IRS, SEC).
  • Lawsuits or regulatory investigations may require Microsoft 365/Google Workspace data to be put on legal hold so that it cannot be altered or deleted.
  • Fast universal search tools that are found in archiving systems can speed up search queries across solutions in one click.

Dropsuite's Solution:

We provide backup and archiving solutions that cater to businesses of all sizes and types. Whether it is protecting intellectual property, securing financial records, or ensuring operational continuity, our solutions are designed to meet the broad spectrum of data protection needs in today’s business environment.

Myth 7: You Need to Pay to Get Your Data Back


There are solutions that do not hold your data hostage. However, some providers may charge additional fees for data retrieval or impose penalties for data export, particularly when transitioning to another service.

Dropsuite's Solution:

Dropsuite has no hidden fees. We do not charge extra for data ingress or egress and offer unlimited storage, allowing businesses to access or migrate their data freely and easily without incurring additional costs.

Myth 8: Backup and Archiving Solutions Are Slow


Only if they are inefficient. Sophisticated backup and archiving solutions exist that prioritize backing up recently updated or added files to speed up the entire process. This expedites the process and ensures your data is fully secured and backed up.

Dropsuite's Solution:

Dropsuite’s solution overcomes this myth by providing customers with incremental backups, meaning it finds and backs up only changed files rather than continuing to do full scans of the data each time. This results in faster backup times while minimizing storage use.


Backup and archiving myths can be dangerous. They may affect your decision-making process negatively and hurt your business if they are not addressed or debunked. By dispelling these myths, MSPs are in a much better position to protect their business with effective data management strategies.

For more detailed insights into how Dropsuite can revolutionize your backup and archiving strategies, visit our website and explore our comprehensive solutions tailored for modern business needs.

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