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GDPR at Dropsuite


GDPR Compliance with Dropsuite Email and Archiving is an important part of meeting regulations for privacy and security. This GDPR Compliance roadmap is designed to help you understand how Dropsuite provides the tools and system necessary to meet GDPR regulations. The current features list explains what aspects of GDPR are handled with the tools available from Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving.
GDPR Compliance Roadmap

Current Features


Advanced Search

Use our advanced search to find GDPR data with the dozens of meta data filters available to make identifying easier.



Add keywords to your saved searches.


After Creating a saved search, enable Alerts anytime a new message is archived meeting the search parameters.



Once a search is saved, you can mark for review and have compliance or a DPO (Data protection officer) review and confirm GDPR data.



Once reviewed, a deletion can be done by your DPO or authorized Admin.


Audit Log/Export

Use Audit logs to confirm that the data has been deleted once a request has been fulfilled.

For more details on how the current and future features of Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving enable GDPR compliance please contact sales.