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Safeguarding critical business information in the cloud.

Dropsuite Cloud Based Products

Office 365 Backup

Feel secure using Dropsuite to backup, archive and restore your Office 365 business data.

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Dropsuite Cloud Backup and Archiving

Website Backup

Feel safe protecting your website from ransomware or other data loss. Restore with 1-Click.

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Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving

Email Archiving

Feel smart using our bundled email backup + archiving solution to save money and time.

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The Dropsuite Product Family

Secure Data Backup, Recovery and Archiving in the Cloud

Dropsuite protects Office 365, G Suite Gmail, website data, IMAP and POP email data securely in the cloud. Dropsuite’s intuitive and affordable backup solutions are built to help companies safeguard their critical business information.

For our partners who wish to resell our solutions, we provide state of the art integration options from Dropsuite’s own Automated MSP Provisioning Platform. We provide multiple integration options for hosting and service providers such as Odin Automation (APS), ConnectWise to comprehensive rest APIs.

Everyday, customers tell us they feel more protected, safer from data loss, and empowered to do their jobs better with our suite of backup, archiving and recovery tools.

Office 365 Backup

Office 365 Backup in the Cloud

Feel secure using our fast and easy Office 365 Backup solution featuring advanced cloud-based storage to protect and preserve your O365 data. Office 365 data is securely backed up including; Hosted Exchange, Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Calendar, Contacts, Teams files and more. Your data is safe and in compliance with regulatory requirements with Dropsuite’s bundled backup and archiving solution.

How We Help You Protect Your Data:

  • Automatically backup SharePoint and more
  • Compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, SOC etc
  • Military grade encryption in transit and at rest
  • Cost Effective bundled backup with archiving
  • Insights BI analytics included

Backup for SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams Included

Take the hassle out of Office 365 Backup by including SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams files and more at no additional cost. Protect data from hackers, encryption malware, accidental deletion and more. Restore files fast with our 1-Click restore feature.

Email Backup

Feel good knowing you’ve protected your critical business data with email backup. Email Backup is a critical element of any business data protection strategy, especially for cloud-based systems such as Office 365.

One of the most common questions we receive is why email backup is needed if a firm is using cloud-based systems such as Office 365 or Exchange Online. The answer is that although Microsoft is responsible for the infrastructure that houses your data, they are not responsible for the data itself – you are.

Email data disasters happen every day. That’s why email backup is a critical and necessary element to protect your business from the many threats that can cause email disasters, including; ransomware, accidental or malicious deletion of emails by employees, file corruption or even hardware failure. Dropsuite provides the best-in-class solution for backing up, restoring and safely protecting your email data.

Email Backup Includes:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited retention periods
  • Automated and incremental backups
  • Advanced search
  • Role-based permissions
  • Low cost per seat
  • Free NFR trial
  • No credit card to get started

Email Archiving

Feel confident knowing you are in compliance with email archiving regulations with Dropsuite. Email archiving is offered as a bundled solution with email backup to satisfy businesses who need to keep data safe while firmly complying with regulations. Our low cost per seat, advanced search, unlimited backup and retention option, and single pane of glass dashboard make email archiving fast, easy and affordable.

Email Archiving Includes:

  • Envelope Journaling
  • Advanced Search
  • eDiscovery
  • Audit Trails
  • Legal Hold
  • 3rd Party access
  • Role-based permissions
  • and much more

Website Backup by Dropsuite

Website backup that’s simple, secure and speedy – exactly what you need to ensure your website is always available, no matter what. Dropsuite’s website backup solution includes website files, directories, databases and scripts.

You can feel in control with our easy to use dashboard, which makes setting up and running automated site backups fast and easy. You can set website backups to occur daily or as needed, to make sure your data is always protected. Unlimited backups and storage mean you’re economically storing your data.

Should ransomware or other cyber attacks corrupt your website data simply use our 1-Click restore feature. You can instantly restore your website to any point in the timeline of backups. This ensures your site is always available no matter what the data loss reason.

How We Help You Protect Website Data:

  • Set it and forget it with automated backups
  • Ultra fast 1-Click restore
  • AES-256 bit military grade encryption
  • Protect databases, directories, files and content
  • Restore files from any point in time
  • Single pane of glass dashboard

G Suite Gmail Backup

G Suite Gmail backup from Dropsuite is perfect for businesses using either Gmail as their standard email application, or for firms who are using a mixture of Gmail and Exchange or other solutions.

You can feel confident knowing your G Suite Gmail files are securely backed up and safe from accidental file deletion or other data loss issues. Using our advanced email backup solution, you can set automated backups to occur multiple times a day, which keeps your data even safer.

And should you need to restore your Gmail – relax. It’s amazingly easy to restore single emails to entire mailboxes with our 1-Click restore, which takes the work and headache out of preventing data loss.

How G Suite Gmail Backup Protects Your Emails:

  • Keep permanent records including deleted files
  • 1-Click restore of single emails or all mailboxes
  • Search all emails in a single location
  • Protect against viruses, ransomware or deletions

IMAP POP Email Backup

IMAP or POP emails are easy to backup and restore with Dropsuite. We have over 150 pre-set configurations for IMAP or POP protocols. All you have to do is enter your email and password – we do the rest.

IMAP or POP email backups are securely stored in our military grade encrypted cloud servers. You can feel less stressed about the security of your digital assets because we use TLS / SSL connections with AES 256-bit encryption so your data is secure in transit and at rest.

IMAP or POP Email Backup is Simple with Dropsuite:

  • 150 pre-configured settings
  • Cloud-based secure storage
  • Advanced search with 20 parameters
  • Low cost per seat and unlimited storage
  • Insights BI analytics makes you a data hero

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