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Secure Data Backup, Recovery and Archiving in the Cloud

Dropsuite QuickBooks Online Backup, Email Backup, and Email Archiving solutions are the world’s fastest-growing cloud backup, archiving, and recovery SaaS solutions . Our products help companies safeguard their business-critical data and communications for recovery, compliance, and business continuity.

GovCloud Backup and Archiving

Dropsuite’s Microsoft 365 backup and archiving solutions can now be stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud (US), allowing users to easily backup and restore sensitive and classified data in the cloud while maintaining FedRAMP moderate security requirements.

Key Features

QuickBooks Online Backup

Dropsuite’s QuickBooks Online Backup (QBO) offers a secure and affordable backup solution for accounting data. With retention policies, notifications, and permissions, QBO ensures data safety. The user-friendly one-click download admin panel makes it simple to use, while offering QBO to clients can increase profits margins and provide a valuable service.

Key Features

Dropsuite Quickbooks Backup Product
Dropsuite Email Archiving

Email Archiving

Feel confident knowing you are in compliance with email archiving regulations with Dropsuite. Email archiving is offered as a bundled solution with email backup to satisfy businesses who need to keep data safe while firmly complying with regulations. Our low cost per seat, advanced search, unlimited backup and flexible retention option, and single pane of glass dashboard make email archiving fast, easy and affordable.

Key Features

Email Backup

Email data disasters happen every day. That’s why email backup is a critical and necessary element to protect your business from the many threats that can cause these disasters, including ransomware, phishing, accidental or malicious deletion of emails by employees, file corruption or even hardware failure.

Key Features

Dropsuite Email Backup
Dropsuite Website Backup Product

Website Backup

Dropsuite’s Website backup and monitoring
service securely backs up, recovers, monitors
and protects website data. This solution is fully
cloud-based, military-grade secure and quite
easy to use.

Key Features

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