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Cyber Insurance: A Key Element in a Proactive Security Strategy

Cyber-attacks are more common and costlier than ever before, largely due to the growing dependence on information technology and the accelerated pace of digital transformation.

Cyber Insurance


Explore and learn more about Data Security and Protection, Compliance, GDPR, Cyberthreats and more, to safeguard your business-critical data and communications.


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SEESA Dropsuite Case Study

SEESA Case Study

SEESA is a nationwide industry specialist ready to help any South African firm with any business concern.

Case study of Dropsuite for Velocity Group

Velocity Group Case Study

Learn how Velocity Group’s customers can now focus on providing value and growth without worrying about their data.


Cyber insurance: a proactive security strategy

We discuss cyber insurance, explain how it works, how much it costs, and what to look out for.

6 Critical Questions for MSPs on Spear Phishing Attacks

Learn how spear phishing attack evolved, why it works, and how to avoid falling victim.

Five Key Obstacles for Managed Service Providers

Discover five of the biggest obstacles managed service providers face in a complex business landscape.

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