Technique of allowing online users to perform an action with a single click of the mouse. Dropsuite offers 1-Click backup and 1-Click restore features in its backup and archiving products.


The discovery and interpretation of meaningful patterns in data.


Short for Application Program Interface (API). APIs explains how a program accesses another to transmit data.


ARPP stands for Automated Reseller Provisioning platform. This is the Dropsuite reseller control panel that we offer to all partners. It’s a point of integration that allows Dropsuite partners to have a co-branded/white labeled domain which their end users can use to sign in to their dashboard. Partners can add, suspend, modify and unsubscribe users manually from the reseller portal. They can even use our APIS to perform these actions.


A file, such as an image files or a document, that is sent along with an email communication.


Process of identifying who you are to enter a computer application and the verifying who you claim to be.


A business unit of Amazon that provides multiple cloud services. AWS operates physical locations all over the world.


Backup as a Service.


A data backup is the act of archiving or copying files for the purpose of being able to restore them at a later date in case of data corruption or loss.

Backup Policy

The processes and procedures for ensuring that adequate types of backups are made, including periodic testing of those restoration processes.

Backup Software

Computer software applications that are used for performing the backing up of data. Dropsuite offers a suite of backup products: Email, website, server and mobile data.


The amount of data that can be sent over a network at a specific time (throughput). The higher the bandwidth, the greater the quantity of data that can be sent.


Business Intelligence — theories, methodologies and processes that help make data understandable. Dropsuite bundles its Insights BI email intelligence tool with its email backup and archiving products.


Data that is compiled but not made available until a later time.

Business Continuity

Tasks performed by businesses to ensure critical organizational functions are always “on”. Business Continuity is not disaster recovery; Business Continuity are tasks performed 24/7 so that products and services continue to operate without fail, and are recoverable and “rebootable” if required to minimize downtime.


A program that communicates with and requests data from a server.

Cloud (The)

Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer.

Cloud Backup

A service that allows businesses or managed service providers to save data by transferring it over the internet or another network to an offsite storage system maintained by a third party.


Conforming to a rule, such as a specification, policy, standard or law. Many industries must comply with regulatory mandates around the roles, responsibilities and processes for data security.


Packaging software that eliminates dependencies on platforms and brings transparency to application building.

Cumulative Incremental Backup

A differential form of data backup used by companies such as Dropsuite.

Cloud Provider

An organization that offers a cloud-based platform, application, or related services to other organizations and/or individuals, according to various business models.

Consumption-Based Pricing

A pricing model whereby the solution provider like an MSP charges its clients based on the amount of services the customer consumes, rather than a time-based or subscription fee.


Desktop-as-a-Service – Outsourcing a virtual desktop infrastructure to an external service provider, often via the cloud.

Daily Backup

Incremental backup of files that have changed in the past 24 hours.


Collection of information organized so that a computer application can quickly access selected data files. Website databases allow a website such as an e-commerce site, to store customer information and process credit card purchases.

Data Center

A facility containing a number of networked computers used for storing, processing and distributing enormous amounts of data. They include redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, military-grade security, and environmental controls. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a data center that Dropsuite utilizes.

Data Mining

Gleaning insights from information gathered from raw data sources and surface patterns that inform future business decisions.

Data Set

A collection of data.

Differential Backup

A cumulative backup of all changes made since the last full backup. The advantage to this is the quicker recovery time, requiring only a full backup and the latest differential backup to restore the system.

Disaster Recovery (DR)

DR is the process of recovering after a data disaster and restoring data to a useful state. An organization’s DR process should be created and documented in advance and audited regularly.


Short for denial-of-service attack. A DOS is an organized attempt to disrupt email or Web services by sending more messages or traffic than a server can handle, effectively shutting down a website or email service until the DOS messages stop.


Open-source tools that automate the deployment of applications inside software containers.


Disaster Recovery as a Service is the replication and hosting of infrastructure by a provider to enable failover in a catastrophe.


Electronic mail.

Email Archiving

An application that integrates with an email server, such as G Suite Gmail or Microsoft Exchange Server, to replicate, index and make messages (and their attachments, calendars and tasks) easily searchable. Safeguarding critical company data, compliance, record retention and setting up legal holds for litigation are common reasons for needing email archiving. Dropsuite Email Archiving is an example of a professional, cloud-based email archiving solution.


Encryption is the electronic process of encoding messages in a way that only authorized parties can review them. Dropsuite deploys AES-256bit military-grade encryption as well as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect your data in transit and at rest. Using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) as our backbone, we further enhance our security with AWS S3’s DDOS mitigation technics such as SYN cookies and connection limiting protection. AWS S3 also provides data availability of up to 99.999999999% of the time. No other storage solution can provide sure an availability. So rest assured that your data is well protected.


This term is used to describe the methodical approach to problem-solving and creating software by analyzing all requirements to better understand and architect the most efficient solution possible. Within Dropsuite, Engineering-First also refers to the company’s high engineering staff ratio, open-learning environment and hiring process.


General Data Protection Regulation — European Commission privacy regulation to uphold and enforce data protection standards.

Google Blacklist

If Google has detected malware on your website, you or your visitors might see a warning in your search results saying, “This site may harm your computer.” If you see this message, you’ve been blacklisted by Google. Being blacklisted can devastating effects on your website traffic. To remove Google’s warnings, you’ll need to find and remove the malicious code Google detected on your site.

G Suite

G Suite is a collection of productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed by Google.

G Suite Gmail

A business email service developed by Google and integrated into G Suite.


Graphical user interface.


A person or rogue organization that seeks and exploit weaknesses in a computer system or network.

Hosting Partner

A Hosting Services Provider is an application service provider dedicated to providing hosting services. Typically operates a Web server farm, either at a data center or location facility. Basically, a hosting provider houses your website, while an ISP connects your web server to the rest of the Internet.


HyperText Transfer Protocol.

Hybrid Cloud

Cloud computing environment in which private cloud resources, such as an on-premise data center, are managed along with systems provisioned in a public cloud.


Internet Message Access Protcol.

Incremental Backup

A backup limited to the files that have changed since the most recent backup.


Internet Service Provider.


Journaling is part of the email archiving process that lets users record a copy of, or journal, all email communications in their organization and send them to a dedicated mailbox on the same or different server(s). Journaling is simply a means of recording your users’ messages. Once you enable journaling on a server, you can then configure your server to forward journaled messages to our archiving. Journaling is important in order to ensure that all emails are archived, ensuring compliance. Journaling must be enabled for an organization’s email archiving efforts to be compliant.

Legal Hold

A technical feature of an email archiving tool that allows certain emails to be deemed “legally within scope” and must be retained in a special archive accessible only to designated users, and is tamper proof.

Machine Learning

Aspects of artificial intelligence (AI) where machines learn from tasks performed and become more and more skilled over time.


A rogue system-penetrating software designed to gain access to a computer, its databases, its network or its files.


Essentially, metadata is data about data; metadata provides insights on what the data is about.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that businesses can use to manage applications and services through a global network of managed data centers.

Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server is a product developed by Microsoft with features such as email, calendars, contacts and tasks that integrates with Microsoft Office online.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a file hosting service operated by Microsoft as part of its suite of Office Online services.

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office online, and functions primarily as a document management and storage system.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a web-based collaborative chat and online meetings solution produced by Microsoft that integrates with Microsoft Office online.


Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions.


An open-source, NoSQL database.


A managed service provider (MSP) provides IT services such as server, network, and specialized applications to end users and organizations. These services are managed by the service provider and either hosted remotely in the cloud or on premise.


This is the practice of combining multiple backup data streams into a single stream that can be written to one storage device. For example, backing up 10 laptops to a cloud drive at the same time.


Network as a Service.


A group of interconnected computer systems that can exchange data.


Network News Transport Protocol.

Odin Service Automation

Odin Service Automation is a service delivery system that allows Internet service providers (ISPs) to quickly launch the hosting services and provide the complete life-cycle management of hosting infrastructure. The consumers of the hosting services, called customers in Odin Service Automation, are SMBs or individuals, whose goal is to get access to web hosting, business email solutions and various online applications from the cloud.


Platform-as-a-service – a cloud computing environment where developers can manage online applications.


A form of identity theft in which a scammer uses an authentic-looking email, text message, or website notification to trick recipients into giving out sensitive personal information.


Post Office Protocol.

Predictive Analysis

Analysis within big data that helps predict future behaviors.


Request to exclude certain data about oneself, one’s company and/or one’s actions that is deemed personal or confidential.

Private Cloud

Term for a hosting architecture designed for a limited number of users behind a secure firewall and supporting infrastructure.


Requesting information to answer a specific question.


Ransomware is a type of malicious software code designed to block access to a computer system or personal data file until a sum of money is paid.


An organization that purchases goods or services with the intention of selling them rather than consuming or using them. Dropsuite provides a world-class partner program that covers technical support, sales and marketing support, reseller tools, dashboards, multiple languages and more.


Representational State Transfer. REST is an architecture style for designing networked applications.

Restore Time

The time required to recover a specific data set back from the backup state.


Software-as-a-Service A software tool that is accessed/distributed over the Internet.

Secure Server

A unique type of file server that requires some type of password protected authentication prior to gaining access.


A computer or virtual cloud devise that controls requests made to it by a client programs.


Short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, the most common protocol for sending email messages between email servers.


The act of changing the sender’s name in an email message so that it looks as if it came from a different address.


The place where data is held in an electromagnetic form for access by a computer.


Service Level Agreement, a contract by which a solution provider earmarks the level of service, responsibilities, priorities, and guarantees regarding customer support, performance, and other aspects of the solution.


Covert software that collects end user information.


A programming language for retrieving data from a relational database.


Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol.

Tiered Storage

An approach to managing data that can save organization money by only using the fastest storage devices, such as SSD, for data that a firm actively uses, and utilizing less expensive platforms such as the cloud to store archival or backup data.

Value Added Reseller (VAR)

A value added reseller buys products and then resells them to their customers either at a steep discount, or bundled with other products or services, thereby adding “value” that a regular reseller might not provide.


Malicious computer code designed to alter or take over a software program, commandeer a computer or impersonate a network to destroy data, steal information, or perform other unseemly tasks.

Virtual Private Server

A virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting providers and running its own copy of an operating system and software.

Website Backup

A fully recoverable “snapshot” of all your website’s valuable components; HTML, content files and databases. Dropsuite Website Backup is a popular site backup solution used by businesses in over 133 countries, and it’s compatible with most database such as Drupal, mySQL, mongoDB, MS SQL, TYPO3, MODX, WordPress and more.

White Label

A product or service produced by one company that other companies can rebrand to make it appear as if they had made it. Many cloud resellers white label third party products and services. Dropsuite offers white labeling to qualified reseller partners.