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Advanced eDiscovery to fully comply with legal requirements.

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Email regulatory compliance for GDPR, HIPAA, SOX & more

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Protect email and related files from Ransomware and cyber attacks.

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Solutions for Compliance, GDPR, Data Security and Retrieval from Dropsuite

Dropsuite provides cloud-based solutions for regulatory compliance, data security including archiving and data retrieval, plus advanced analytics to uncover hidden data and turn it into actionable insights to improve business processes. Our data backup solutions utilize a state-of-the art cloud platform coupled with military-grade encryption to quickly, securely and safely transport, store, and retrieve your data should you ever need it.

Dropsuite’s cloud protection products are powerful, secure, easy to use, comprehensive and a great value. We provide solutions used by small and large firms in a broad variety of industries across the world. Our low cost-per-seat, unlimited storage and retention options and transparent pricing mean you’ll never have to worry about running out of storage or paying hidden ‘gotchas’ to access or use your data.

Industries We Serve

Our solutions help a broad variety of customers in many industries around the world. But in particular customers in the Financial Services, Government, Healthcare, Law and Manufacturing industries find our solutions of great benefit in achieving regulatory compliance. From GDPR to HIPAA to SOX and beyond, our email backup and archiving solutions provide the means necessary to comply with industry regulations while providing fast, secure and easy to use data protection.

To learn more about specific industries we enable with regulatory compliance and advanced data protection visit:



CEO of Ozhosting

“We looked at various vendors such as Microsoft, Backblaze and Mimecast. However, we did not come across a single vendor that could tick all the boxes we wanted until we came across Dropsuite.”

eDiscovery Solution for Litigation and Legal Compliance

eDiscovery, or Electronic Discovery, is a legal mandate requiring discovery and access to data which is in an electronic form for litigation or other legal compliance reasons. Dropsuite provides an advanced eDiscovery solution as part of our cloud-based email backup and archiving solution. We provide a broad range of critical business email data protection for services including:

Your eDiscovery needs can easily be met with tools such as advanced search which includes the ability to save search criteria, preview email search results, and modifying the search criteria. Sixteen different attributes are available to search emails such as senders name, date, keyword in text/subject and more. Administrators can easily grant role-based access to certain users, for certain files, on certain data sets, which makes granting 3rd party access fast and easy.



Owner of Hermes Consulting

“Email Archiving by Dropsuite has completely transformed our compliance support – satisfying legal motions is now a breeze.”

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance mandates continue to increase in number and complexity. For example, GDPR, HIPAA and SOX, just to name a few, could easily apply to many public or private firms communicating and conducting business with prospects and customers internationally in the health space. Dropsuite provides a robust, secure and easy-to-use solution which includes email backup and archiving designed specifically to help firms comply with regulations.

Some of the many regulatory compliance issues we help firms with include:

Solutions in the regulatory compliance space must provide the ability to safely and securely protect data, provide role-based access to authorized users only, and enable 3rd party audits while retaining original communications for possible use in litigation or regulatory mandates. Dropsuite excels at providing regulatory compliance by providing a cloud-based, military-grade encrypted, and blazingly fast system designed from the ground up to meet compliance regulations while preserving and protecting digital assets.



CEO of Squalio Group

“We selected Dropsuite because they are GDPR compliant with proactive cloud backup solutions that can protect organizations from data loss threats or regulatory risks.”

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware protection is increasingly becoming the mission-critical focus of IT teams across the globe. According to Newsweek, ransomware attacks rose by 250% in 2017, with firms in the U.S. being hit the hardest.* It’s no surprise then that firms seek solutions to preserve, protect and if necessary immediately restore data if they should succumb to a ransomware attack.

Dropsuite provides the industry-leading cloud-based backup and recovery solution made specifically to reduce the impact of lost or corrupted data from ransomware or related cyber attacks. We protect a broad range of critical business data including:

Dropsuite’s email and backup solution provides the only means of ensuring business email and related digital assets are fully protected from a ransomware attack. This is because our cloud-based backup solution can automatically backup email, up to three times a day, and store them in military-grade encrypted servers completely separated from a business’s regular email systems. In the event of a cyber attack, you can restore your emails with our 1-Click feature, which saves time and reduces the potential downtime of your firm.



Chairman of Dropsuite

“There are two types of companies that exist: Companies that have been hacked and companies that are about to be hacked. What is certain, is that cyber security threats are omnipresent — so businesses need piece of mind.”

Insights BI Analytics

Insights BI by Dropsuite brings business intelligence to email. Insights BI is an email analysis tool that comes free with Dropsuite’s email backup solutions. Insights BI provides a robust email analytics toolset for organizations who seek to transform stagnant, archived email data into actionable business intelligence. Insights BI turns complex and extensive email data sets into simple, actionable reports, graphs and charts.

Insights BI by Dropsuite answers questions such as:

  • Which staff are efficiently managing emails, and which are falling short?
  • Which recipients are being sent emails/attachments & at what frequency?
  • Are there employees who are exhibiting unusual email behaviors?
  • What process issues are revealed by analyzing patterns of usage?
  • How much time goes by before support contacts customers?

The primary purpose of using Insights BI reports is to improve business productivity. The ability to easily find patterns of poor email utilization with Insights BI can help you identify potential business process improvements, and make you a data hero.



Owner/CEO at Trinity MSP

“Insights BI by Dropsuite makes me feel like an email intelligence officer.”



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