Data Backup and Recovery for Construction Companies

Protecting construction-related email communications just got easier.

Safe Cloud Data Backup Protection for Construction Companies

Effortlessly backup and protect construction company data using cloud-based backup.

Construction companies, architecture firms, builders and general contractors are experiencing massive growth in the use of data technology, both mobile and desktop, in the field and in facilities. With this explosive growth in data the need to securely and efficiently backup, protect and restore construction-related email communications has also exploded. Typical email ecosystems that need safeguarding include Office 365, G Suite, IMAP-POP, Hosted Exchange and Open-Xchange.

According to a survey, “The 2019 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook” conducted by the Associated General Contractors (AGC) of America and Sage Construction and Real Estate, more than 40 percent of those surveyed said their firms will increase investment in technology this year.

Other startling construction data trends from this survey include:

  • 51% of surveyed construction firms said file-sharing sites are used to collaborate with project partners
  • 50% expect to increase or maintain the number of projects involving building information modeling (BIM) solutions
  • 30% report they plan on increasing investment in project and document management software

Yet despite these numbers a hidden danger lurks:

  • 67% of those surveyed report their company spends less than 2 percent of its gross annual revenue on information technology (IT)

The increased reliance construction companies have on mobile, cloud-based and collaboration software data and the increasing amount of data being used, coupled with the relatively minimal investment in IT, can leave a data protection gap for those firms.

The Risk of Data Loss to Construction Firms

With construction and project management data stored in multiple locations including the cloud, and with the wide array of contractors the risk of lost, corrupted or deleted data increases greatly.

The risk of losing this data is potentially catastrophic. Damages caused by lost or deleted data can include:

  • Missed deadlines
  • Faulty work
  • Breached contracts
  • Injuries to workers
  • Expensive make-goods

Dropsuite Keeps Construction-Related Email Communications Safe

Dropsuite specializes in helping firms like construction companies keep construction-related email communications safe, secure and protected. We use a cloud-based solution built from the ground up by engineers to efficiently backup, store, preserve and, if necessary, easily restore email-related ecosystem data at a moment’s notice. What type of ecosystems? Office 365, G Suite Gmail, IMAP-POP, Hosted Exchange and Open-Xchange.

Dropsuite’s easy-to-use, secure, and scalable backup and recovery tools enable construction firms to easily set-up automated backups of construction-related email communications data.

Even better, our state-of-the-art backup and archiving solutions meet government, industry, and IT regulations such as:

  • GDPR
  • SOC 1, 2 and 3
  • DOD CSM Levels 1-5
  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • SO9001 / ISO27001
  • ITAR
  • FIPS 140-2
  • NIST (coming Q1 2019)

Email related communications are critical to business success. Essential company information, intellectual property, and documents are easily forwarded with one mouse click. Corporate email data is not something construction firms want falling into the wrong hands.

Dangers to construction firm data include:

  • Ransomware and cyber threats
  • Regulatory audits (compliance)
  • Risk of litigation
  • IP theft
  • Accidental or malicious data deletion

As with all businesses, construction companies need to safeguard their business by making smart decisions centered around how to use the minimal IT budget allotted to safely protect data. This includes the need to securely backup, store, archive, maintain, access, discover and swiftly restore lost or encrypted data.

Dropsuite provides the industry-leading backup and recovery solution for Office 365 data, G Suite Gmail data, and data for other email ecosystems, with a very low cost-per-seat license, coupled with military-grade encryption to ensure data is secure both in transit and at rest.

Construction Company Use Cases

Change Orders: An all-too common construction company use case is change orders and keeping track of project and material modifications caused by them. There is significant risk for contractors and customers anytime change orders are created and initiated. Problems can arise quickly if communications are not clear. But how to keep track of all change order communications?

Dropsuite provides a solution for helping to discover and track these potentials risks. Using Dropsuite Email Backup & Archiving with eDiscovery, tagging, auto notifications and more it is much easier to find, track, be notified and assess materials or project modifications caused by change orders. This enables construction firms to easily mitigate risks while keeping projects on time and on-budget.

Accidental Data Deletion: A very common use case in the construction business, with so many people having to collaborate on projects is accidental data deletion. What can be done if data such as a string of emails and attachments are discovered to be gone, months after they were deleted?

With Dropsuite, you can recover many types of email-related communications on demand — at multiple points in time. Our construction company customers have full “recovery assurance” for all emails, attachments, calendar and tasks — which is like insurance for your critical business data. Dropsuite safeguards your data, allowing you to focus on the business of construction.

Third Party Audit: Another very common use case in the construction field is audits and/or requests for 3rd party access to data, often as part of inspections or sign-offs. How can 3rd-party auditor access be granted to construction firm data and files?

With Dropsuite, construction companies can easily provide auditors or other 3rd party access to many files including; G Suite Gmails, Office 365 data (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups and Teams), Exchange Online emails, calendars, attachments, tasks and much more. Our single-pane-of-glass dashboard, easy to use roles, and ability to simply add or remove users to a role simplifies the process needed to grant access to specific 3rd parties to ensure they have access to the data they need.

Is Backup of Office 365 Even Necessary? Many construction companies are using email communications like Office 365 to manage their business communications and applications. A very common question we hear is, do we even need to use 3rd party systems to backup Office 365 data?

The answer is yes. Although Office 365 does come with some basic capabilities to backup and restore recently deleted files, it is not a comprehensive backup, archiving and restoring solution. A common practice among Office 365 admins is to use the recycle bin as temporary archive. This is a dangerous practice, and one that won’t help at all if the data files were deleted permanently from the recycle bin, it also is not a way to comply with legal hold or related requests. Only a built-from-the-ground-up backup and archiving solution like Dropsuite’s has the full features and capability to securely, safely and properly backup, store and permanently retain data.

Best-In-Class Data Protection for Construction Firms

Dropsuite’s best-in-class backup and archiving solutions for construction firms were specifically built for safe, secure, cloud-based storage of data, no matter whether that data is in the form of Office 365, Hosted Exchange, Exchange Online, SharePoint, G Suite Gmail, Open-Xchange or even website data.

Email Backup and Archiving Features Include:

  • eDiscovery
  • Journaling
  • Tamper-proof audit trail
  • Advanced search
  • Legal hold
  • Set retention periods
  • Secure 3rd party access
  • Role Based Access (RBAC)
  • Automated data backups (12X daily)
  • Email backup (Office 365, G Suite Gmail, IMAP)
  • Exchange Online backup
  • SharePoint backup
  • OneDrive backup
  • Groups and Teams backup
  • 1-click data restore
  • Insights email intelligence tool
  • GDPR and HIPAA compliant
  • Unlimited storage & retention
Dropsuite Email Backup

Increasing Cyber Attacks Fueling the Need for Backups

Increasing numbers and sophistication of cyberattacks on construction companies has become the new norm. But it’s not a fait accompli that construction firms must become victims of the next WannaCry ransomware or NotPetya cyber attacks.

How can construction firms decrease cyber threats?

  1. Look at security holistically. Security is more than simply employing encryption techniques; security is threat mitigation training, simulated breach testing, deploying anti-spam tools, and of course, backing up your data.
  2. Identify and safeguard key assets (hardware, software, products, locations, etc) and lock down access. Cyberattacks came come from anywhere — and they come in many forms. Never let your guard down.
  3. Talk to your suppliers and vendors. Are any of them doing business with companies or customers located in the European Union? If so, as a construction firm you’ll need to ensure that they are taking security and compliance seriously. Ask if they are GDPR compliant? Do they use the latest security protection? Are they backing up and transferring data safely? Remember, you’re only as strong as your weakest link — so make sure your business partners take security as seriously as you do.
  4. Follow data archiving regulations. For example, here are two government regulations that impact the handling of construction data:
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) – Requires organizations in the United States doing business to provide confirmation of compliance with standards and regulations relative to worker and site safety, among other requirements.
  • National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) – Most state and local regulations are based on NAHB’s International Code Council’s I-Codes. Construction firms must maintain and grant access to inspectors and other 3rd parties who may be required to provide inspections or reviews of work or data to confirm compliance to these codes.

Whether you are using Office 365 or another business commuications solution such as G Suite, a comprehensive data backup and archiving solution assures that your records are systematically stored in a central cloud data repository with state-of-the-art security and legal hold features in place to guard against issues of tampering. Using Role Based Access it is easy to enable state, local or federal regulators the data access they need to verify compliance. Dropsuite Office 365 Backup was tailored-made for the rigid security requirements that construction customers demand from a cloud partner.

Construction Company Data Protection Made Easy

With the increasing reliance on multiple sources, locations, and uses for data in construction, coupled with tight IT budgets, it’s more important than ever to find a low-cost, simple to administer yet secure data backup and protection solution – like Dropsuite’s

Dropsuite safeguards construction firm data from unexpected data loss. Your data is 100% safe in the cloud, available to restore at any point in time should you ever need to retrieve it.

A complete backup and archiving solution assures that your records are systematically stored in a central cloud data repository with state-of-the-art security and legal hold features in place to guard against issues of tampering. Dropsuite Cloud Email Archiving was created specifically for the rigid security requirements most construction customers require for proper data safety and protection.



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