Dropsuite #1 in Email Backup Solutions for two years in a row!

Dropsuite awarded Gold Medalist and Top Leader in SoftwareReviews’ Email Backup Solutions Awards for the second year in a row.

SoftwareReviews Data Quadrant

We came in with the highest composite score, Likeliness to Recommend, and Plan to Renew:

Dropsuite received a 9.3/10 composite rating from SoftwareReviews

Leading the Way in Features and Capabilities

Our teams at Dropsuite are focused on delivering effective and knowledgeable support and service, and it shows:

Dropsuite is ranked top in SoftwareReviews Relationship & Interaction.
SoftwareReviews Dropsuite Office 365 Exchange Backup

Contact us at sales@dropsuite.com and find out why our partners:

Dropsuite is ranked first in SoftwareReviews plan to renew

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