OneDrive Backup for Office 365

Be a backup hero by automating your backups and restores in the cloud.

Microsoft OneDrive Backup for Total Data Protection

OneDrive backup and recovery is an important part of a total data protection plan often overlooked by hurried IT teams. But with Dropsuite, we make it amazingly easy to feel fully prepared to automatically backup and quickly recover OneDrive files as part of our total cloud-based Office 365 backup solution.

Feel confident knowing you’re prepared for data disasters by ensuring your OneDrive files are automatically backed up and instantly ready for restore as part of the entire set of O365 data.

Why OneDrive Files Need Backup and Recovery

Think you don’t need OneDrive backup because it’s already in the cloud and covered by Microsoft?

Think again!

According to Microsoft’s own documentation, they are responsible for the infrastructure of O365 and systems like SharePoint and OneDrive, but they are not responsible for the data – that’s your responsibility.

Microsoft specifically states that recovery options for deleted emails is only 30 days. Although there are a couple of kludgy semi-work-arounds for Enterprise level systems, the fact is backup and recovery is difficult or in some cases impossible. Importantly, Microsoft specifically states you don’t have the option to go back to a specific point in time to recover files in ANY O365 system:

“With all the previously mentioned options for Deleted item recovery, note that point in time restoration of mailbox items is out of the scope of the Exchange service.”

How Dropsuite Helps Protect OneDrive Data

We built Dropsuite from the ground up specifically to make it as fast, easy and secure as possible to backup and recover OneDrive, SharePoint Online and most other Office 365 data. You can feel safe and secure knowing that should any emergency occur, you are prepared.

With Dropsuite, you’ll have the data ready for recovery in an instant. Our 1-Click restore feature makes it even easier to find the data you need, at any point in your backup timeline, and restore it with just the click of a button.

Best in class OneDrive backup features include:

  • Automatic Backup: Set automated backups to keep data fresh aned up-to-date
  • Encrypted Data: Full TLS/SSL and AES-256 bit military-grade encryption
  • Unlimited Storage: Don’t worry about running out of backup storage, ever
  • 1-Click Restore: Recover a file or entire ecosystem with 1-Click restore
Dropsuite email backup and archiving for business

“Dropsuite makes me feel I’m prepared for a data disaster”

Unprepared: You just assume that Microsoft has your back. Your OneDrive data is somewhere, and somehow you’ll be able to find it and restore it should a data disaster happen. Sure, it’ll take time, and you may not be able to restore all the data you need. But that’s okay, you can assume management will blame Microsoft and not you, right?

Prepared: Nobody has your back except for you. Your OneDrive data is safely and securely backed up by Dropsuite. You can restore it fast and easy with 1-Click restore. Within a few minutes of a data disaster, your data is back and your business is running again. What will management say when you save the day with your OneDrive backup salvation?

Benefits of OneDrive / O365 Backup

Automate the Backup Process Easily

Automate the Backup Process Easily

Take the work out of OneDrive backups. You can backup your OneDrive / Office 365 files within 5 minutes and automate backups going forward. Incremental backups include unlimited storage and retention options to ensure you never run out of space.

Make Administration a Breeze

Make Administration a Breeze

Our single-pane-of-glass admin panel with roll-based access levels enables you to grant access easily. Create departments, groups and department admins. Easily grant access to users in and outside your firm such as IT Admin, Compliance Reviewers, Users etc.

Find it Fast with Advanced Search

Find it Fast with Advanced Search

Choose from 20 different attributes such as senders name, date, keyword, header and so on to filter and find the right emails in our advanced search tool. You can also view, modify and delete search queries with just a click. No IT expertise required.

Download and Restore with 1-Click

Download and Restore with 1-Click

One of our most popular features is 1-Click restore and download. You can easily restore or download single emails, a mailbox or all mailboxes to your personal computer or simply, in case of accidental deletions, restore it all back using the 1-Click function.

Secure Storage for Peace of Mind

Secure Storage for Peace of Mind

Feel safe knowing we ensure no one other than you has access to your backup files. Your data is fully secured with TLS or SSL when available. And your data is encrypted using military-grade 256-bit AES. It’s protected both in transit and at rest.

Uncover Hidden Productivity Data

Uncover Hidden Productivity Data

Insights BI analytics toolkit is an advanced analysis system included free with SharePoint / O365 backup and restore solution. Transform stagnant, archived email data into actionable business intelligence. Use reports to find and fix business process issues.

Don’t Wait! Get a Demo or Free NFR Trial Right Now

Why wait for a disaster to happen to your OneDrive / Office 365 data? Or worse, why gamble that if a data disaster does happen, somehow you’ll be able to figure out where the data is and how to restore it?

Contact us to arrange for a free 15 minute live demo. Or try an absolutely free NFR trial (no credit card required) to see how much better Dropsuite backup and restore can be. Try before you buy – you’ll feel better about how fast, easy and secure it is to properly protect your OneDrive data.

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