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Backup & Restore for Entra ID

Protect Entra ID infrastructure from ransomware, outages, and other threats as an early adopter.

Backup and Recovery for Entra ID

Dropsuite Entra ID Backup addresses common challenges by safeguarding Entra ID objects from accidental or malicious changes. Entra ID Backup is currently available under Public Preview. Read the blog and participate in the early adopters program.

Dropsuite Covers You Where Microsoft Doesn’t

Microsoft lacks item-level restore for Entra ID, and permanently deleted objects cannot be restored beyond the 30-day window. Recovering items may result in significant downtime, impacting productivity and exposing organizations to cyber threats.

Item level restore for Entra ID
Multiple snapshots for Intra ID data.

Don’t Fly Blind Upon Restore

When you restore Entra ID data with Dropsuite, you have access to multiple snapshot dates. No more guessing in the dark during the restore process. You can effortlessly see both the current live Entra values and the data from multiple snapshots. It’s like having a flashlight for your data restoration.

Pinpoint The Exact Data To Restore

Dropsuite’s Entra ID Backup empowers you to navigate the delicate balance between desired and undesired changes. When restoring data, you have the flexibility to handpick specific data values. And you can easily search for historical value changes. If you detect a compromised account, you’ll gain insights into all the alterations made.

Handpick specific data values for Intra ID data

How Dropsuite Entra ID Backup Helps

Dropsuite Entra ID Backup intends to be like a protective shield for your Entra ID objects. If there’s ever a human error, like an IT Help Desk mishap, worry not! We’ve got easy-to-find snapshot versions of your data to get you back in business within minutes. Plus, our immutable backups add an extra layer of defense against cyberattacks.

“Entra ID Backup bridges the gap left by Microsoft, offering item-level restore capabilities and safeguarding against permanent deletions. Our solution minimizes downtime, enhances security, and preserves stakeholder relationships.”
Bernard Clark
Bernard Clark
Product Manager, Entra ID Backup