Ransomware Protection with Dropsuite Backup

Fully recoverable copies of your business data to guard against ransomware.

Ransomware Protection Through Backup

Ransomware protection is critical in today’s business environment. That’s because every day cyber threats grow in sophistication and number. Although proactive monitoring systems, firewalls and related proactive protective systems can help reduce the risk of ransomware, they cannot guarantee data safety.

The ONLY way to guarantee data safety and security against ransomware attacks is with an automated, ongoing cloud-based backup solution that maintains complete copies of your emails, attachments, tasks and calendars — and your websites and databases in a separate, secure system. Should a ransomware attack happen, you can quickly restore your backed-up files easily and quickly — which can significantly reduce the impact such an attack might cause.

Dropsuite provides the industry-leading cloud-based backup and recovery solution made specifically to reduce the impact of lost or corrupted data. We protect a broad range of critical business data including:

  • Office 365 (email, SharePoint, OneDrive, Groups, Teams)
  • G Suite Gmail
  • Websites
  • IMAP / POP Email

Not Backing Up Office 365? Watch Kevin Mitnick Hack Your Email

Ransomware Questions and Answers:

1. What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malware deployed on a user’s computer or a company’s network. It works by gaining access to data and encrypting the data (content files, emails, databases), making it impossible for use. The data is not unencrypted until a ransom is paid to the hacker, although there’s no guarantee that after payment the data will be unlocked.

2. How does ransomware spread?

Ransomware spreads through two main entry points.

Email: A recipient receives an email and is asked to download a file or click on a hyperlink. The email request tends to sound believable and often the real senders identity is masked, making the email appear as if it’s being sent by a colleague or a known contact. Clicking on the link or downloading the file activates the ransomware.

System vulnerability: A malicious network packet is sent to the vulnerable system, from either the local network (internally) or from the internet (externally).

3. What happens in ransomware infected computer systems?

Ransomware will target a set of file types and encrypt them with a specific and extremely complex code. This code is only known to the ransomware creator. A ransom email is then sent to the infected business telling them to pay to unencrypt their data. If the ransom is paid, the decryption code is released to the business user and the infected files are unlocked. If the ransomware is not paid, the files may remain locked forever. There is no guarantee that the code will be sent however.

4. What can be done to avoid being a ransomware victim?

People make mistakes in judgement and even the most powerful anti-virus software is not foolproof. Phishing schemes and malware take advantage of unsuspecting users, who may be duped into clicking on an email that then accesses a system and dowloads the ransomware payload. Data breaches will keep happening. Here is some basic advice to reduce the chance of being a ransomware victim:

  1. Ensure all your software is up-to-date, including your operating system (e.g. Windows)
  2. Deploy anti-virus software and make sure it is also up-to-date
  3. Backup and encrypt your data, such as cloud backup in an offsite data center
  4. Educate and train your staff about ransomware to help mitigate user error as the point of entry

5. How can Dropsuite help businesses protect their data?

Deploying a good backup and recovery solution is the most dependable form of defense. Dropsuite offers automated and secure backup solutions for businesses critical data, such as website files and databases, O365 data and email. The data is saved and encrypted in the cloud (which is a separate and secure offsite location) and businesses can recover data quickly if needed.

High Cost of Business Data Loss

IBM and the Ponemon Institute recently researched the cost of lost or breached data.* According to their study, the cost of lost or hacked records and files is surprisingly high:

  • $3.62 million: average total cost of a data breach
  • $141: average cost per lost or stolen records
  • 27.7%: likelihood of a recurring data breach over the next 2 years
  • 2.1%: increase in the likelihood of a recurring material data breach

Ransomware and cyber threats are one of the single biggest threats to business data today. According to an article in Inc magazine** the threats from ransomware are significant, especially for small and mid-sized firms who do not have the money or resources to provide high levels of security:

  • Almost 50 percent of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack
  • More than 70 percent of attacks target small businesses
  • As much as 60 percent of hacked small and medium-sized businesses go out of business after six months

Ransomware Solutions to Protect Your Business

Ransomware solutions to protect your business include an onion-layer approach to data security. Starting at the top level and working down, a comprehensive data protect solution may include:

  • Role-based access to data
  • Complex passwords, changed every 90 days
  • Two-factor authentication for data systems access
  • Firewall security and attack monitoring
  • Data monitoring and alerts for changes
  • Training for staff, partners and vendors
  • Automated data backups of Office 365 & websites

Ransomware Protection Use Cases

Dropsuite provides the leading solution for backing up, restoring and archiving email, plus website and related data. Our solutions were designed to address several common use cases related to ransomware protection including:

Q: We use Microsoft Office 365, do we even need a separate backup solution?

A: Yes. Although Office 365 and Exchange Online are cloud-based they do not have the ability to permanently protect all your business data from ransomware attacks. Should an employee accidentally click on ransomware malware in an email, your O365 data could become encrypted before you can react. Microsoft is responsible for the infrastructure of the system, but they are not responsible for the data – that’s up to you. The only way to protect your Office 365 email and related data is with a separate cloud-based backup solution such as Dropsuite’s.

Q: Can websites be protected from ransomware?

A: Absolutely. A robust data-protection solution can and should include business email, attachments, supporting files and especially website files. Website backups must include all the files needed to run a site including; WordPress or related files, databases, images and other supporting files used by the site. Most businesses face economic disasters if their websites are down for even a short period of time. By backing up all the files needed for a website in a separate and secure cloud-based location and being able to quickly restore those files if needed you can greatly reduce the impact of a website ransomware attack.

Q: How can security of cloud-based backups be ensured?

A: Critical elements of security for cloud-based backup include having TLS or SSL connections to the data, and securing the data using the most advanced military-grade encryption possible. Dropsuite uses TLS or SSL connections and 256-bit AES military-grade encryption to ensure data is safe and secure in transit and at rest. This is a critical must-have element of any backup and recovery solution for website data.

Benefits of Dropsuite Ransomware Protection Backup and Recovery

Automate the Backup Process Easily

Automate the Backup Process Easily

Take the work out of backups of your business data. You can backup your Office 365, G Suite Gmail or Website files within 5 minutes and automate backups going forward. Incremental backups include unlimited storage and retention options to ensure you never run out of space.

Make Administration a Breeze

Make Administration a Breeze

Our single-pane-of-glass admin panel with roll-based access levels enables you to grant access easily. Create departments, groups and department admins. Easily grant access to users in and outside your firm such as IT Admin, Compliance Reviewers, Users etc.

Find it Fast with Advanced Search

Find it Fast with Advanced Search

Choose from 20 different attributes such as senders name, date, keyword, header and so on to filter and find the right files in our advanced search tool. You can also view, modify and delete search queries with just a click. This greatly simplifies file recovery.

Download and Restore with 1-Click

Download and Restore with 1-Click

One of our most popular features is 1-Click restore and download. You can easily restore or download single files, a set of files or all files to your personal computer. And in case of accidental deletions you can restore all using the 1-Click function.

Secure Storage for Peace of Mind

Secure Storage for Peace of Mind

Feel safe knowing nobody other than you and those you designate have access to your backup emails and files. Your data is fully secured with TLS or SSL when available. And your data is encrypted using military-grade 256-bit AES. It’s protected both in transit and at rest.

Uncover Hidden Productivity Data

Uncover Hidden Productivity Data

Insights BI analytics toolkit is an advanced analysis system included free with Dropsuite’s backup and restore solution. Transform stagnant, archived email data into actionable business intelligence. Use reports to find and fix business process issues.

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“Only offsite backup, ideally outside of where Office 365 is stored, can ensure 100% data recovery. No other Office 365 threat mitigation tactic can guarantee that your client’s O365 data will be safe.”



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