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Industries We Protect With Cloud Backup

Dropsuite specializes in helping regulated industries meet their email archiving obligations.

Industries Protected by Dropsuite Backup and Archiving

Industries Protected by Dropsuite Backup and Archiving

Dropsuite prides itself in helping companies backup and safeguard their critical business data — and we specialize in industries that require high levels of data security and protection due to regulatory compliance. This includes such industries as; financial services, government, healthcare, law firms and manufacturing.

Everyday, we help protect industries around the world who must meet strict regulatory and legal compliance requirements for data protection and archiving. Dropsuite’s state-of-the-art Email Backup and Archiving solution complies with a broad variety of regulatory laws including:

FINRA – Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
FRCP – Federal Rules of Civil Procedure
GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation
HIPAA –Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
SEC – Securities and Exchange Commission
SOX –Sarbanes-Oxley
Australia Corporations Act s286 and s262A
And more


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SEESA Dropsuite Case Study

SEESA Case Study

SEESA is a nationwide industry specialist ready to help any South African firm with any business concern.

Case study of Dropsuite for Velocity Group

Velocity Group Case Study

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