Dropsuite is the Top Leader in Software Reviews Email Backup Emotional Footprint

Dropsuite is Leader of the Email Backup Emotional Footprint for the second year in a row.


SoftwareReviews Emotional Footprint Awards

We came in with the highest composite score and Likeliness to Recommend:

Dropsuite ranked first in SoftwareReviews for Likeness to Recommend

Leading the Way in Features and Capabilities

Our teams at Dropsuite are focused on delivering effective and knowledgeable support and service, and it shows:

Dropsuite ranked top in SoftwareReviews for Negotiation and Contract
Dropsuite ranked top in SoftwareReviews for Net Emotional Footprint

A note about the report:

SoftwareReviews evaluates 27 aspects of the customer relationship using a net promoter methodology. These ratings are based on users’ answers to provocative, detailed questions on the experience of working with the vendor, creating a powerful indicator of overall user sentiment.

What's Inside

Product Announcement: New! GovCloud Backup and Archiving is now available for Government and Public Sector customers.


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