Dropsuite is the Top Leader in Software Reviews Email Backup Data Quadrant for the third year in a row!

Two of Dropsuite’s three core tenets for Commitment to Success are “Engineering First” and “Security at Scale.”

At Dropsuite, much of our success and credibility within the cloud backup market can be attributed to our Engineering-First mindset. We work hard to hire the best people dedicated to creating the most elegantly designed products possible.

Security at scale is about growing our infrastructure responsibly so that we never put our partners, or their data, at risk. Scale requires us to look at the world a bit differently — from the way we code, problem solve, and send/receive data, to our compliance, lightning-fast search, and data retrieval features.

Dropsuite takes these tenets seriously; and this is reflected in the results of Software Reviews Email Backup Data Quadrant.

Dropsuite #1 in SoftwareReviews Email Backup Solutions

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