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Dropmysite is a cloud-based website backup and monitoring service that website owners can use independently to schedule automatic backups, monitor website availability and performance, and restore lost or corrupted data in a single click. Dropmysite integrates well with most reseller control panels like CPanel, WHMCS, OSA and Plesk.

“The GoDaddy sales team quickly adopted Dropmysite as one of their favorite add-on’s to sell. It’s a great business value.” – Matthew Richards, Product Director at GoDaddy

Features At A Glance

  • Click restore – Restore your website and database with a single click
  • Click download – Download any file from the backup with one click
  • Database backup – Backup MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB
  • Scheduled backup – Schedule your backups daily, weekly or monthly, you can even set the exact time to start backup
  • View modified files – Track all the changes to your files at any point in time to ensure backup is done properly
  • Migration – Simply set your source and target profiles and watch Dropmysite migrate your website for you
  • End to end 256 bit AES encryption
  • Control panel — Easy-to-use web-based interface and file browser, with backed-up content visible at a glance from any device
  • Automated cloud backups ideal for business continuity and disaster recovery

Be Confident Your Data Is Secure 

Dropmyemail deploys AES-256bit military-grade encryption as well as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to protect your data in transit and at rest. Using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) as our backbone, we further enhance our security with AWS S3’s DDOS mitigation technics such as SYN cookies and connection limiting protection. AWS S3 also provides data availability of up to 99.999999999% of the time. No other storage solution can provide sure an availability. So rest assured that your data is well protected.

Business Benefits of Dropmysite

Ease of use

Dropmysite provides you with a simple, easy to use backup solution for your websites and databases. Our online dashboard allows you to access all the functions you need to manage your critical website data. You can access all your backup sets and files, activate your restores and check your website’s availability from the dashboard. 

Take control of your backups

Schedule your own backups — storing offsite copies of your data — and never pay your hosting provider again for costly emergency data recovery. Dropmysite is an independent backup solution that integrates well with your hosting providers platform but ensures that your data is stored in a separate location that you manage.

Reduce response and recovery times

A good backup solution not only ensures backup functions but more importantly restores functions for each point in the backup process if data cannot be restored. In restore, the important points are RPOs and RTOs. With our scheduled backup, you will be able to recover your website to the last scheduled backup. With our cloud-based RTO backup, website data recovery is a breeze. All that is needed is to login to your Dropmysite dashboard, select the files you want restored or the entire backup set, and click on restore. There is no more requirements to log a change request with your hosting provider, have them call you back to finalize the data and then start the restore. You have full control of your backup and recovery process, which will speed up the recovery time.  

Reduce costs

Using cloud-based storage to hold backup data, Dropmysite significantly reduces overhead cost of owning, managing and refreshing hardware infrastructure. All these savings are passed on to the end user. With our extremely competitive and flexible pricing that ’s structured on a per-use basis, we provide the most economical website backup solution for personal and SMBs websites.

Website Backup Feature Set

Pricing & Plans






$149.99/ yr


$499.99/ yr

Need more storage? Want to resell our backup products to your customers?
Talk to our team about custom plans that might be right for you. Email sales@dropsuite.com or call: US Sales: +1-408-780-2106, International Sales: +65 6813 2090

Next Steps

The Dropsuite sales team would be happy to talk to any reseller interested in offering server backup solutions to their customers. Email: sales@dropsuite.com. Or call: US Sales: +1-408-780-2106, International Sales: +65 6813 2090

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Dropsuite provides a simple, easy way to restore data. They’re a good business partner because they provide data backup solutions that work, as advertised.

Michele Neylon
Michele Neylon
CEO, Blacknight