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OneDrive and SharePoint backup, recovery and archiving

OneDrive and SharePoint files are just as prone to hacker attacks, employees deleting them and many other disasters just as much as any other files. Because of this, Dropsuite is pleased to help protect business data by offering OneDrive and SharePoint backup, recovery and archiving.

OneDrive and SharePoint backup and archiving are included for no additional charge as part of Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving.

Beyond the 30 Day Backup Limit

With Dropsuite OneDrive and SharePoint backup, recovery and archiving, your files are backed up well beyond the native Microsoft backup limit of 30 days. This means any files in OneDrive and/or SharePoint older than 30 days can be backed up and if necessary restored.

This is important because hackers, clumsy employees and many other issues can cause data deletion. If the data deletion is found within 30 days, then no worries.

However, often accidental or malicious data deletion is not discovered until much later than 30 days. If you are relying on the native OneDrive and SharePoint backup with the 30 day limit, then your data is gone.

Hacker Deleted 30 Million Files from Sacramento Transit

“At 3 a.m. on Sunday, SacRT’s IT team noticed that the agency’s files were being erased. “The hacker put malware into the system – that deleted the files,” a SacRT spokeswoman told Fox News. “Our IT team shut everything down –by rebooting the system that stopped the attack from worsening.”

The hacker demanded $7,000 in bitcoins via SacRT’s Facebook page. “It was really a blackmail to stop operations,” the spokeswoman said, adding that the agency did not pay the ransom.

About 30 percent of SacRT’s 100 million files were deleted in the attack.”

Luckily for the City, they had backups of all their data and were able to recover from what could have been a truly gigantic disaster.

So does OneDrive and SharePoint backup, recovery and archiving make sense? Absolutely!

This is why backup, recovery and archiving of OneDrive and SharePoint files offered through Dropsuite has no time limit. Data is truly protected and available for recovery no matter how long ago it was backed up

Simple Administration and One-Click Restore

What’s more, the very simple administration and ease-of-use of the single pane of glass panel takes the work out of backups, recovery and archiving.

This user-friendly administrative panel makes setting up, automating and administering OneDrive and SharePoint backup and archiving a breeze.

Even better, should a recovery be required, the simplicity of the One-Click restore takes all the work out of replacing lost, damaged or encrypted files.

One-click restore may not sound impressive, but when data has been hacked and the pressure is on to get the files back immediately, being able to use the One-Click restore takes all the worry and stress out of an already very stressful situation.

Cloud-Based Solution plus Military Grade Encryption

OneDrive and SharePoint backup and archiving from Dropsuite is a cloud-based solution that simplifies administration and offers further protection from localized data disruptions.

Security and protection of data is also extremely high. Data transfer is handled through military grade encryption which means data is protected both going to the backup as well as when delivered for a restore.

OneDrive and SharePoint Backup Included for No Additional Charge with Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving

Perhaps the best news is this important capability of being able to backup OneDrive and SharePoint files is included at no additional charge as part of the Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving solution.

You get peace of mind knowing your OneDrive and SharePoint files are safely backed up, protected and available for restore should the need occur.

Contact Dropsuite to Order or Learn More

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Or, call us anytime: US +1-408-780-2106 or International +65 6813 2090 to order or learn more about this valuable service.

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