GovCloud Backup and Archiving

Easily backup and restore public sector data in the cloud while maintaining heightened security

Dropsuite’s Microsoft 365 GovCloud offering allows US government agencies and other regulated industries to easily backup and restore sensitive and classified data in the cloud while maintaining heightened security requirements. Dropsuite’s M365 backup and archiving solutions can now be stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS) GovCloud (US), allowing US-based users to safeguard their organizational information and comply with FedRAMP moderate cloud and data security requirements.

Utilizing Dropsuite ensures your data is stored in a separate cloud and is safe from accidental deletion, system crashes, cyber-attacks, and other causes of data loss. In addition, Dropsuite’s GovCloud solution provides essential features for most government agencies and regulated organizations, including automated incremental backup, one-click data restore, and regulatory-compliant email archiving features.

Dropsuite’s GovCloud is built upon its award-winning backup and archiving technology used by over a million users. Dropsuite’s easy-to-use platform has been named Gold Medalist in SoftwareReviews’ Email Backup Solutions Awards three years in a row.

Fedramp Moderate Compliant

Fedramp Moderate Compliant

Our solution is designed for the public sector and other regulated industries that require enhanced data security and compliance features.

Easy, Hassle-Free Protection

Easy, Hassle-Free Protection

Our platform is easy to use, ensures business continuity in the event of data loss, and allows your organization to quickly recover since your data is stored in a separate cloud.

No Hidden Fees

No Hidden Fees

Unlike other backup solutions, we have no hidden or added fees, and you can always access your data and even export it yourself with our secure links without fear of it being held hostage.

Our numbers speak louder than words
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Product Features

Can you also update the sentence under “Product Features” to: A comprehensive set of features that public sector organizations need to protect their most important data and communications to ensure recovery, compliance, and business continuity.

Email Archiving Features


Role Based Access

Retention Policies

Legal Holds

Backup Cadence

Email Backup Features

Backup and Retention

Data Security and Privacy

User UI

Powerful Search

Insight BI

Data Recovery

Backup Cadence

Role Based Access

Product Announcement: New! GovCloud Backup and Archiving is now available for Government and Public Sector customers.


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