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Case study of Dropsuite for Velocity Group
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Velocity Group Delivers Simplified Data Protection to Microsoft 365 Customers

Time is money. Speed is everything. Increasing the velocity of important tasks can not only boost revenue and agility but also reduce costs. Velocity Group takes this to heart: as the name implies, the company accelerates the pace at which customers navigate the Hybrid IT world, ensuring they make the right technology decisions and can deliver solutions that best utilize their existing investments.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Velocity Group couples speed with security, safeguarding customers’ access to workloads by proactively backing up, managing, and reporting on Microsoft solutions and productivity tools both on-premises and in the cloud. Whether in South Africa or the UK, Velocity Group solves problems before they become larger issues.

One of the key challenges is ensuring that customers’ business-critical data is backed up and restored securely. For both business continuity reasons (to guarantee that business-critical data is available when needed) and compliance reasons (to ensure regulations around email archiving, e-discovery, GDPR and other regulations are complied with), Velocity Group has found Dropsuite to be the ideal solution for simplified data protection. With Dropsuite’s integrated backup/restore and archiving, customers can now focus on providing value and growth without worrying about their data.

“Dropsuite is easy to set up, easy to get data in and out, with no penalties, and it creates flexibility for our customers,”
Jonathan Kropf
CEO of Velocity Group

Addressing the Need for Simplicity, Security, and Speed

“The move to remote and hybrid work has been a challenging one,” says Jonathan Kropf, CEO of Velocity Group. He saw three key issues over the past few years: patchwork solutions, increased emphasis on security, and the need for agility.

First, he explains that with the pandemic, “A lot of customers initially deployed solutions that allowed their users to work remotely for a temporary time period – but that became a number of years. Now they have to go back and make permanent solutions out of those temporary patchwork approaches.” This poses an interesting dynamic because access, security, identity, and backup must be considered holistically.

Security is clearly one of the top challenges. Customers want to know: “What data is being used and captured? And how is it going to be protected and backed up?” He says that customers may not know how much data is sitting on iPhones and iPads, and in email, or if it is quick and easy to backup all that data, making sure it is available when needed. In a Microsoft365 environment, recovery can be difficult given the need to use multiple tools, depending on which data is impacted: OneDrive, Exchange, Sharepoint, Teams, email, or others.

A third challenge is speed of reaction. As we learned with the pandemic, everything can change in a heartbeat. Customers need to make sure their systems are in a position to be rapidly modified to suit a changing environment. This calls for flexible solutions and the expertise to quickly make changes while ensuring security and maintaining simplicity – all strong suits of Velocity Group.

Dropsuite – a simple yet integrated solution that provides both strong security and the flexibility to react quickly – is his answer. “Dropsuite is easy to set up, easy to get data in and out, with no penalties, and it creates flexibility for our customers,” explains Kropf.

“The whole process with Dropsuite was quick and painless – and we like things that can be done quickly, as you can see from our name. It often means the process has been thought through and the need is clear. Dropsuite have nailed it.”
Jonathan Kropf
CEO of Velocity Group

Offering Customers a Holistic Solution for Backup and Archiving

“What’s nice is that there are multiple aspects to Dropsuite,” explains Kropf, whose company offers Dropsuite for backup, eDiscovery, archiving, and recovery. For customers with on-premises and/or cloud-based environments, it easily manages the massive amount of data due to increased use of Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint and OneDrive. Other cloud-based systems, with some ability to partially backup data, lack the scope and robustness needed to properly protect the business by keeping data safe while complying with regulations and ensuring business continuity. Dropsuite ensures that all data, regardless of how much or where it lives, can be easily backed up, archived, and restored.

Customers now understand that they can lose data with a simple click of a button – not to mention the threats from hackers, ransomware, and more. It can be extremely costly and time-consuming to retrieve lost data. With this solution, customers can effortlessly backup and restore business-critical data in a single solution.

Best of all, it is simple to set up and affordable. “Some other providers’ backup and archiving solutions are very tricky to set up and charge exorbitant rates to get the data out. Many route email via their platform rather than archiving offsite”. Dropsuite provides an affordable integrated solution with no egress fees that archives on an offsite platform—a best practice in the industry. This provides compliance with email archiving, eDiscovery, GDPR, and other regulations while keeping cost and complexity to a minimum. And unlike other archiving solutions, Dropsuite provides business continuity in the same, integrated solution.

“We view the Dropsuite partnership as quite symbiotic. It is a give-and-take both ways.
Jonathan Kropf
CEO of Velocity Group

Velocity Group Partners with Dropsuite

“The engagement with Dropsuite has been straightforward and seamless. With the Dropsuite team, there is no ambiguity: they do what they say they will,” explains Kropf. He describes the onboarding as really simple: once the portal was set up, Velocity Group was able to bring on the first customer within an hour. “The whole process with Dropsuite was quick and painless – and we like things that can be done quickly, as you can see from our name. It often means the process has been thought through. Dropsuite has nailed it.”

“One clear benefit of partnering with Dropsuite is that we can take the conversation up to a business level.” Alignment with corporate strategy and high-level business benefits can be the topic of conversation; for a reseller only offering backup, the focus is primarily on cost which relegates the conversation to a tactical rather than a strategic level. Kropf explains that by offering Dropsuite for both compliance and business continuity, Velocity Group is able to provide powerful solutions that support key business goals. This strengthens the company’s position as a trusted advisor to the customer. “We view the Dropsuite partnership as quite symbiotic. Dropsuite has made a significant and positive impact in Velocity’s business”.

Why Velocity Group Chose Dropsuite