Trinity Case Study

Email Intelligence with Insights BI

Dropsuite Case Study for Trinity

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About Trinity MSP

Trinity MSP is an 8 year old MSP helping SMBs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area better manage their IT strategies and systems. The company prides itself on caring more for their clients than the due date of any invoice. They believe that the key to their success is always doing the right thing for their business customers — and this focus on ethical tech has really paid off.


Property management vertical, security, compliance, Office 365 and other managed IT solutions.

Why Dropsuite

“Most people do not realize that Office 365 doesn’t backup data,” says Trinity CEO, David W. Oldright. “Hands down, Dropsuite is the most comprehensive Office 365 backup solution I have seen for the price — email backup, archiving and analytics all in one product.”

“Dropsuite makes me feel like an email intelligence officer”
David W. Oldright
CEO of Trinity MSP

Selection Process

Trinity had been working with Backupify but switched to Dropsuite. They were looking for a vendor solution that provided more granular, real-time backup status information, better search capabilities and an easy-to-use control panel. Dropsuite fit the bill, and then some. “Insights BI was the tipping point that made us select Dropsuite. Analytics is a monster play — and it’s provided for free.”

Use Case

Trinity was speaking to a client that wanted to understand staff use of email. With Insights BI, Trinity ran a report that showed the frequency of emails sent & received by employee, which quickly identified 3 out of 27 were handling 80% of the total daily email volume. Trinity recommended procedures that could be quickly implemented to improve operational performance while boosting satisfaction for the three “overwhelmed” team members.