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Dropsuite Email Archiving Exceeds German Standards and Fills a Void

Dropsuite Case Study for Strato
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STRATO is a German-based hosting company providing domains, websites, web shops, cloud storage, email and office packages, online marketing tools, as well as customized high-end solutions. STRATO, part of the United Internet Group, currently hosts over 4 million domains for its customers across the world and operates more than 60,000 servers in their two ISO-certified data centers in Germany.

Problem to Solve

Email archiving has been a legal requirement for German companies since 2014 with regulations such as GoBD, HGB and AO. And with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018, STRATO was receiving an increasing number of customer requests for an email archiving solution to satisfy German as well as European regulations. STRATO customers had no choice but to maintain email archives by themselves — and they were struggling given the strict regulatory requirements and the penalties for non-adherence.

Since email hosting is one of its core service offerings, STRATO wanted to introduce a scalable solution that satisfied their customers and fulfilled the strict requirements of German regulations. For example, STRATO had to make sure that the automatic archiving processes did not allow users to manipulate any data. They also wanted a fast and easy-to-use solution to search and identify personal information for GDPR. This solution should also maintain an audit log of the entire chain of custody of each individual message along with providing the Data Protection Office (DPO) in an organization rights to delete data as per Right To Be Forgotten clause in GDPR.

STRATO weighed building its own solution versus utilizing a solution from an external software provider. After considering their options, doing cost/benefit analysis and conducting due diligence on various software providers, STRATO selected Dropsuite.

“We are very glad to cooperate with Dropsuite. Their email archiving solution provides an excellent product experience for our customers. Both the customers’ feedback and reviews in the national IT press show: Dropsuite is the ideal solution that perfectly fulfils customers’ expectations.”
Dr. Christian Böing

Why Dropsuite

Dropsuite Email Archiving met STRATO’s strict technical and product feature requirements such as tamper-proof audit trails, an extended search function, legal hold, flexible retention periods and compliance tools for the main German and other European regulations. And all this would be delivered with an easy-to-use/intuitive user interface in a secure private cloud.

Dropsuite and STRATO created a seamless STRATO-branded customer experience so that email archiving could be easily added to existing STRATO customer accounts or to STRATO’s new customers at the online store checkout. STRATO assembled a virtual team that collaborated closely with the Dropsuite team resulting in a fast and efficient integration process and product launch.

Dropsuite Benefits

STRATO is one of the most innovative hosting providers in Europe, always at the forefront when it comes to offering and promoting core and value-added services that resonate with small businesses in Germany and beyond. The benefits from offering the Dropsuite archiving solution are many:

  • Customer Experience: Provide STRATO customers with a feature-packed, intuitive and proven email archiving solution that not only allows those customers to be fully compliant, but also protects customers from data loss risks due to ransomware, accidental deletions, employee theft and more.
  • Reduced Support: STRATO introduced Dropsuite’s archiving solution with their email offerings thus relieving customers from the risk and complexity of having to archive their own data. Furthermore, STRATO rarely receives any support requests from its customers given the tight API integration and Dropsuite’s intuitive user interface.
  • Competitive Edge: As a large web hosting company, STRATO is the first hosting provider in Germany to implement such an email archiving solution, giving STRATO a competitive edge in the German and European market.
  • Enhanced Profitability: STRATO is able to quickly and cost-effectively offer Dropsuite to its customers within its own platform with Dropsuite software running on the STRATO cloud servers using STRATO’s own cloud storage platform.

Said Dr. Christian Böing, CEO of STRATO, “We are very glad to cooperate with Dropsuite. Their email archiving solution provides an excellent product experience for our customers. Both the customers’ feedback and reviews in the national IT press show: Dropsuite is the ideal solution that perfectly fulfills customers’ expectations.”

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