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Award-Winning MSP Pendello Standardizes on Dropsuite for Client Email Backup Needs


Pendello is a managed services provider (MSP) with a local Kansas City focus, but the company is much more than just an IT support provider. Because technology can often seem overwhelming, Pendello distills complex technical concepts and terminology into solutions that help small and medium businesses unlock business potential, drive growth, and improve efficiency. The entire Pendello team has a strong business mindset which allows them to understand each client’s business and goals. While they service a variety of industries, the company maintains a special focus on businesses in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial services, and nonprofits. By providing expertise, time, and resources, Pendello brings technology that helps clients achieve more than they ever thought possible.

The Pendello philosophy rests on three pillars:

  • We never stop raising the bar.
  • Innovate for you. Evolve with you.
  • We are your technology navigators.

These demonstrate the Pendello difference and the company’s commitment to clients, and why they chose Dropsuite to solve their clients’ backup needs.

Bringing the Right Technology for Regulated Industries

In today’s complex world, it’s challenging to ensure technology is working to solve business problems: small and medium businesses (SMBs) need a proven solution for backing up email and other critical systems that will protect them as they face an ever-riskier environment of hackers, ransomware and other threats. This is especially true because most are moving rapidly to serverless environments (e.g., Azure, Active Directory, SharePoint) and are storing increasing amounts of data in the cloud.

When it comes to data backup, clients understand that they need to back up their servers, but many are unclear on the need to also back up email and the Microsoft 365/Office 365 data that exists in SharePoint and cloud repositories. Even when clients understand the need conceptually, Pendello almost always needs to help debunk misconceptions.

“Almost 100% of the SMBs we deal with need to be educated as to why they need backup for Office 365. Most will ask, ‘What do you mean, Microsoft doesn’t back up all of our stuff?’ We explain they are responsible for uptime and data integrity, but if you want to go six months back [to retrieve data] – good luck!”
Mike Jackson
President of Pendello

This is especially true in serverless environments, which is the case with many Pendello clients: failure to back up could result in serious compliance repercussions or business interruptions. Another key consideration is ransomcloud (a type of ransomware that blocks data or the use of applications in the cloud). If the data stored in the cloud should fall victim to this type of attack, the client may need to decrypt everything and sometimes even rebuild the environment. In that case, backups would be essential.

The bottom line: anyone using Microsoft 365 for their critical data needs to make sure everything in their Microsoft environment is backed up, archived, and easily accessible at all times.

Choosing the Best Solution

Pendello looked for a tool for their clients that would make it easy to back up the entire Microsoft 365 environment and to restore or retrieve data when needed. Although they found several options, they chose Dropsuite as the best solution for four reasons:

  1. It’s a comprehensive backup, archiving, restore and retrieval solution: an all-in-one approach for email, OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, and more.
  2. Dropsuite provides peace of mind. Jackson explains: “Dropsuite lets you sleep better at night, not just as an IT manager but as a business owner. Clients don’t need to know how much is behind the scenes – they just need to know that everything will be OK.”
  3. Ease of use: Dropsuite is easy to install: AutoDiscover finds all the mailboxes and sets them up. The entire solution can be up and running in 5-10 minutes. Plus, the user interface is straightforward– an important factor during moments of crisis.
  4. Dropsuite as a vendor is easy to do business with. The company welcomes partner input in support of achieving mutual business goals, and continually enhances its offerings.

For Pendello, Dropsuite is not just a nice-to-have: it’s an absolute client requirement. Today, virtually all the company’s clients benefit from the peace of mind Dropsuite provides.

A Partnership that Encompasses the MSP, Vendor, and Clients

Pendello chose to partner with Dropsuite more than four years ago based on the two companies’ alignment in three crucial areas:

  1. Innovation: Like Pendello, Dropsuite stays in front of the changing world of technology. This helps Pendello ensure clients stay ahead of emerging issues.
  2. Support: “Technology is an imperfect science,” explains Jackson, “and we all hope we’ll never have to use support, but it’s a reality. Dropsuite support has been great: knowledgeable responses are what we are looking for.”
  3. Partnership: Pendello looks for vendors that are committed to making both companies’ businesses successful. Dropsuite, in fact, is partner-built: the company takes a collaborative approach to develop its roadmap, and works with Pendello to ensure innovative, mutually beneficial solutions to business needs.

A key priority is responsiveness. Jackson appreciates that the response from Dropsuite is rapid and expert. The company is willing to listen to partners and take their input, resulting in added functionality that is important to clients.

“Pendello has been incredible to work with. We’re incredibly grateful for our alignment in creating the best possible outcomes for clients, and this ensures mutual success.”
Eric Roach
Senior VP Sales and Marketing of Dropsuite

The Results Speak for Themselves

Pendello puts its reputation on the line with each and every customer. According to Jackson, “We work with clients who want to leverage technology to their benefit. We are always seeking out ways to provide innovative technology solutions that evolve with their business needs.”

Dropsuite plays a key role in achieving that goal. Like Pendello, the company continuously raises the bar through improved technology offerings and support.

Pendello’s clients are extremely pleased with the team’s ability to distill complex technical concepts, trends, and industry terminology into the solutions they need, meeting and even exceeding desired business results. As a result, the company has repeatedly achieved the coveted Channel Futures MSP 501 designation.

The solid, longstanding partnership with Dropsuite helps ensure that both the Pendello clients and the team enjoy peace of mind.

Why Pendello chose Dropsuite

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