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Increased ARPU and Customer Satisfaction

Dropsuite Case Study for OzHosting
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About OzHosting

Established in 1997, OzHosting.com is a pioneer of Australia’s Cloud hosting market. It continues the tradition of serving Australian businesses with an Australian data centre that complies with world-class standards for speed, reliability and security. OzHosting.com founders and technical leaders have a history of exploring the burdens of managing on premise IT and proposing models for the journey to the Cloud.

Problem to Solve

Almost daily OzHosting.com would engage in conversations with SMBs whereby the following topics were common:

  • Websites had been compromised – no easy way to restore
  • Fallout with web designers who held their websites ransom
  • Accidental email deletion
  • Employees gone rogue and hard deleted all emails
  • Requests for mailbox backup

OzHosting.com set about finding a cloud backup provider that had data backup solutions that were intuitive, quick to deploy, best of breed in the market and provided immediate value to its SMB customers. Their top requirement was that its customers had to be able to manage the backup and restore process themselves via the OzHosting Control Panel.

“The support we received from the [Dropsuite] management and engineering teams was second to none.”
Doug Endersbee
CEO of OzHosting.com

Why Dropsuite

According to OzHosting.com CEO, Doug Endersbee, “We looked at various vendors such as Microsoft, Backblaze and Mimecast. However, we did not come across a single vendor that could tick all the boxes we wanted until we came across Dropsuite.

We selected Dropsuite because they could integrate perfectly in our back-end Automation Platform, they had an Australian presence, and the support we received from the management and engineering teams was second to none. Recent product additions such as adding Onedrive backup, Sharepoint backup and Email Insights to their Cloud Backup for Office 365 product catapulted Dropsuite to another level.”

Dropsuite Benefits

“Besides increasing our ARPU across our customer base, we’ve seen a drop in requests for email recovery/backup and website restoration services as customers who have purchased Dropsuite have used a DIY approach,” said Robert Nad, General Manager of Operations for OzHosting.com. “Dropsuite also provides a great upsell opportunity for our Sales & Support teams. Our customers have expressed high satisfaction in having a simple dashboard they can manage the Dropsuite service.”

Remarked Doug Endersbee, “At OzHosting.com, we’re all about using best of breed solutions for our customers. If it’s not good enough for our own internal use then its not good enough for our customers. The Dropsuite solution provides a great feature set to protect our client’s valuable Office 365 data — Exchange, Onedrive and SharePoint — plus websites. Doing business with Dropsuite was a smart decision — and our customers are enjoying the fruits of this win-win partnership.”

Product Announcement: New! GovCloud Backup and Archiving is now available for Government and Public Sector customers.


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