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Dropsuite Case Study for machineLOGIC
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machineLOGIC Selects Dropsuite to Help Protect Their Customer's Data

Every business today depends on data to succeed. And no business can afford to wait for a data-related disaster to strike and hope that they can properly respond and recover. Yet, without the right planning and technologies in place before such adversity strikes, the chances are high that a business won’t be able to recover in time and not without paying a tremendous cost. This is why, along with the rising risks against data, disaster and recover services are in high demand.

Still, it wasn’t long ago, that these services — data backup, data recovery, eDiscovery, and others — were only given serious attention after data disruptions or legal issues. This meant that too often, businesses would invest in the right data resiliency and business compliance tools only after trouble struck. Those days are, fortunately, gone.

“Now, thanks to Dropsuite, if our customers do become compromised or something happens to their data, it doesn’t represent serious data loss or a security incident for them.”
Daniel Johnson
CEO, machineLOGIC

machineLOGIC Sought a Superior Data Protection Partner

Being able to deliver effective and reliable data protection services to its customers has grown increasingly important to IT services provider machineLOGIC. For years, machineLOGIC found its data protection services driven primarily by regulatory compliance — but that’s changed. “There’s still demand for data protection services for compliance needs. We increasingly see data recovery and protection services as a key component in the security framework that we present to customers,” says Dan Johnson, CEO at machineLOGIC.

As that demand for data safeguarding services grew, so did the importance of the data protection services machineLOGIC delivers to its customers, such as cloud backup, cloud security, e-discovery, and its disaster recovery offerings. The data protection service providers machineLOGIC had been using to deliver these services had grown unreliable.

Over the years, the data protection and eDiscovery delivery partners upon which machineLOGIC depended didn’t adequately keep up with the times and grew awkward to work with. There were communication glitches that affected customers, clumsy technical integrations, and user interfaces that were not intuitive. “It came time for a change, and for us to switch away from services that had become underperforming,” says Johnson.

The machineLOGIC team conducted a thorough evaluation of available data protection and recovery platforms, and the result was clear: they chose Dropsuite. Dropsuite’s global cloud software plat-form provides cloud backup, eDiscovery, archiving, and recovery solutions, so that businesses can better protect themselves. “Now, thanks to Dropsuite, our customers can further protect themselves from data loss, keeping their businesses moving forward with confidence.” he says

Nathan Taylor, director of technical services, says the Dropsuite setup went smoothly. “We find Dropsuite to be very straightforward to deploy and use. Its workflows are easy and intuitive and seamlessly connect with Office 365,” says Taylor.

All the interactions we’ve had with Dropsuite have been phenomenal. They truly want to understand how we are using the product, and they regularly ask for feedback and feature requests.”
Nathan Taylor
Director of Technical Services, machineLOGIC

Effective e-Discovery with Dropsuite

It’s not just regulatory compliance and security requirements that are driving demand for Dropsuite. Today, Johnson explains that the increasing demand for data services, such as data archiving and e-Discovery capabilities, are necessary to support business processes like human resource workflows, including onboarding and offboarding employees. “People are increasingly asking how they can restore lost data. They’re asking what happens if an employee deletes a ton of data before they leave. And organizations broadly want to improve their ability to better find the right information when they need it,” says Johnson.

Taylor detailed how customers are maturing their approach to data management and resiliency. “We often see clients start with data backup, but when they see Dropsuite’s e-Discovery capabilities, they upgrade because they can’t do what they need to do with Office 365,” explains Taylor. Customers also appreciate Dropsuite’s licensing flexibility. Because Dropsuite offers its licenses by Office 365 group, customers can deploy it where they need. “We have many customers with hundreds of employees, but they only want Dropsuite, at least to start, for 30 of those employees. Perhaps it’s because they needed Dropsuite for specific executive, legal, or HR teams. Managing with that level of user granularity with other platforms is a big hassle,” Taylor says.

Moreover, Taylor appreciates Dropsuite’s exceptional customer service. “All the interactions we’ve had with Dropsuite have been phenomenal. They truly want to understand how we are using the product, and they regularly ask for feedback and feature requests. We’ve also been impressed with how Dropsuite has managed to adapt to Microsoft’s changing security environment, and their ability to innovate very quickly,” says Taylor.

That focus by Dropsuite on customer service, innovation, and security is going to continue to be important to machineLogic’s clients in the years ahead, especially as every organization increasingly becomes dependent on data, and general data mishaps and data breaches continue.

“It’s not always the big security breach and it’s not always the catastrophic loss of data—sometimes, it’s the everyday disasters,” explains Taylor. It’s the corrupted mailbox that costs a business opportunity, or when someone accidently deletes their data. “These are seemingly minor events, but they can be major events when the wrong data is involved. It’s an everyday disaster. That’s why you don’t need to have a major outage to justify a data protection platform—you have employees and everyday disasters and that’s reason enough for Dropsuite,” says Taylor.


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