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Iconic IT: SMB security needs cloud scale

Dropsuite Case Study for Iconic IT
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Iconic IT: SMB security needs cloud scale

When it comes to business technology, managed services provider Iconic IT handles the technology so that its clients can focus on their business. Iconic IT achieves this by providing “one-stop” managed IT services and removing the burdensome aspects of technology for its clients, including system updates, configuration management, support, and cybersecurity. When it comes to securing and differentiating their business, small and midsized businesses increasingly face the same challenges as larger organizations.

Cybersecurity — specifically disaster and recovery — has become especially critical for the success of small and midsized businesses (SMBs) as well as the managed services providers that support them. “Small and midsized businesses are coming to realize that their security capabilities need to scale as their business scales to effectively limit their risk,” explains Matt Lee, director of technology and security at Iconic IT.

SMB’s cybersecurity and data privacy “aha” moment

The cybersecurity capabilities that need to scale as the business scales include anti-malware protection, security event monitoring, remote management, disaster and recovery, and more. “Larger businesses have long understood the need for these services,” adds Lee. “While they haven’t always successfully achieved it, they’ve understood that they must implement and continuously improve these capabilities,” he says.

“There’s recently been an ‘aha’ moment within the small and midsized market that they, too, must have the proper building blocks in place to succeed.”

Part of this awakening is due to SMBs facing increased regulatory compliance and data privacy requirements. “There’s more coming at the international, federal, and state levels. This is changing how every business must look at their security,” says Lee. The small and midsized businesses’ embrace of the cloud is also part of this trend, and now small and midsized businesses need security that is effective and as elastic as their cloud systems.

When it came to adding disaster and recovery services to its portfolio, Iconic IT sought to find a provider that could effectively back up its customers’ cloud environments. The platform would need to integrate well with its customers and effectively perform cloud-to-cloud backups. Lee explains, “It was very tough to find providers that were efficiently performing cloud-to-cloud backups that worked properly and that could scale at a reasonable price.”

The Iconic IT team began its search for the right disaster and recovery services partner.

Just like everyone knows they have and will endure cyber attacks and yet have no insurance, cloud issues and loss are bound to happen and Dropsuite is the insurance they should have for that loss”
Matt Lee
Director of Technology and Security, Iconic IT

Scalable data security with Dropsuite

In addition to the ideal disaster and recovery services partner providing seamless cloud-to-cloud backups at competitive pricing, the Iconic IT team wanted a partner committed to exceptional service and ongoing product engineering and support. Unfortunately, Iconic IT initially selected a provider that could not live up to expectations. That’s when Iconic IT turned to Dropsuite.

Dropsuite’s global cloud software platform provides cloud backup, eDiscovery, archiving, and recovery solutions so that businesses can better protect themselves. “With Dropsuite we were able to align everything including operations, pricing, and support. We have been very happy ever since,” Lee says.

Iconic IT initially deployed Dropsuite’s backup and recovery services not only throughout their Kansas market, but also internally. They will soon be expanding their Dropsuite offering to the remainder of their markets as part of their core platform offering. “Dropsuite provides us everything we need. It’s very effective and easy to set up and integrate with our clients, and Dropsuite’s processes do exactly what we need them to do for effective data backup and recovery,” Lee adds.

“Dropsuite provides our clients the base layer of security that they need to succeed,” explains Lee. “That is so important to us as an MSP. It’s crucial for us to be able to properly educate our clients about the risks they face and also provide them the tools they need to not only protect their data but also be more prepared for the regulations and compliance that is coming.”

Dropsuite’s processes do exactly what we need them to do for effective data backup and recovery.”
Matt Lee
Director of Technology and Security, Iconic IT

Dropsuite helps Iconic IT meet rising security and compliance demands

The push for security and regulatory compliance is also critical for service providers themselves. “The reality is that there are more compliance demands falling on the shoulders of MSPs,” says Lee. Such demands include more businesses requiring compliance to SOC 2 data security, availability, integrity, confidentiality and privacy criteria and the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), a Department of Defense standard that is designed to ensure certain types of data that reside on Defense Industrial Base systems and networks. “These efforts help to make sure that, if you’re an MSP, you have the right levels of security and compliance in place and that you can substantiate it.”

Dropsuite’s backup and recovery services will play an increasing role in helping Iconic IT meet such mandates. “We are soon going to expand our use of Dropsuite even more. The goal is to scale it up and protect every single user with Dropsuite. Dropsuite helps make certain that the security pieces we need in place are actually in place,” Lee says.

Finally, this focus on security helps Iconic IT better communicate risk with their clients and prospective clients. Lee explains that Iconic IT is focused on continually educating their sales professionals and virtual CIOs about the cybersecurity framework and clearly defining how and why they secure their operations the way they do.

“It is really an ongoing conversation about risk, and helping a client understand why you might buy fire insurance even though you never lost a building to a fire or you don’t know anyone who has — everyone you know has endured a cyber-attack and yet they don’t have a cyber insurance policy,” Lee explains. “Dropsuite’s backup and recovery provide that insurance policy.”

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