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Dropsuite Case Study for Grey Matter
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About Grey Matter

Grey Matter, based in Ashburton, England, is an industry-leading business-to-business software solutions and services reseller with over 30 years of technical and business software know how. They provide an extensive selection of the best cloud, database, security, development and mapping platforms for software developers and IT professionals. Grey Matter offers a full cloud transformation service for ISV’s and businesses, including strategy, design, proof of concept, migration and management.

Problem to Solve

Microsoft has been encouraging customers to switch from Skype for Business to Teams to handle business tasks such as file sharing, conference calls and other collaborations but Grey Matter wasn’t comfortable moving to Teams without being able to back it up. If Teams was going to become a critical communications app for Grey Matter, it had to have a reliable way to store and recover information in the event of data loss.

In addition to ensuring that company data would be safe, the ability to quickly and easily restore missing conversations or data files was an important requirement for Grey Matter. A simple and intuitive product interface was high on their list of must-haves for a Teams data protection offering.

“Dropsuite is a great product for Microsoft Teams backup — it’s straightforward to use and most importantly, it restores any data we need.”
Tristan Edwards
Group Head of Services Grey Matter Ltd.

Why Dropsuite

Grey Matter was using multiple products to safeguard various Office 365 applications and Dropsuite allowed them to standardize onto one single platform for all of their employees. Also the integration and partner set-up process for Dropsuite was quick and simple.

Additionally, Grey Matter sells Dropsuite to their own end-customers – so they have first-hand, experience deploying and using the solution for backing up Microsoft Office 365 on behalf of organizations they support. Feedback from both staff and clients has been very positive.

“The fact that Grey Matter actually uses products we sell means we walk the talk when it comes to the solutions we recommend,” said Tristan Edwards, Group Head of Services at Grey Matter Ltd. “I’m proud of that.”

Dropsuite Benefits

Before using Dropsuite, Grey Matter had no choice to but to utilize multiple products for safeguarding the various Office 365 applications. With Dropsuite, they’re now able to use a single solution, with lowers costs. Grey Matter also claimed to be experiencing less technical issues and easier management of backup and restores using Dropsuite.

Said Tristan ”Dropsuite is a great product that allows us to easily backup all of our Microsoft 365 data including Teams, Groups, OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange. Being a cloud-based SaaS product meant we didn’t require much infrastructure or configuration set up to use Dropsuite. It was straight forward to use and most importantly, Dropsuite restores any data we need.”

When asked how their sales staff would describe their experience selling Dropsuite’s cloud backup and archiving products, Grey Matter answered by saying that Dropsuite is easy, efficient and functional.

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