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Dropsuite Case Study for Cipnet
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About Cipnet

Established in 2001, Cipnet Serviços de Internet is a premium Internet service provider in Brazil, specializing in email, marketing, website hosting and other value-added services such as enterprise file sharing.

Based in Caxias do Sul (Southern Brazil), Cipnet’s main focus is the SMB market in Brazil. They take great pride in offering high quality service and support to their customers.

We sat down with Marcelo Ayala, Director of Cipnet to find out why Cipnet decided to offer Dropsuite backup services to their customers in Brazil.

“Dropsuite is a very easy and simple way to make sure that our clients’ websites and databases are backed up safely”
Marcelo Ayala
Director of Cipnet

Executive Summary

Dropsuite launched their premium website and database backup service Dropsuite with Cipnet in August, 2014. The service was offered to Cipnet’s customers in both Portuguese and English. Dropsuite helped Cipnet achieve its key goal of providing a reliable backup solution for all their hosting customers at no extra cost. This resulted in increased revenue, reduced support costs and reduced risk to Cipnet’s business continuity.

We basically empowered their customers with a state of the art, Cloud-based backup solution that made web business continuity a reality.

Executive Summary

Dropsuite launched its premium website and database backup service, Dropsuite, with Europlanet in July, 2015. The service was offered to all Europlanet’s customers in Greek and was integrated into their control panel via REST APIs. Europlanet customers are now able to backup and restore seven previous versions websites and databases directly from their control panel. They can choose to restore their entire website or just a single file from any of these seven backup versions with just a click of a button within their control panel. After just two months from launch, Europlanet started realizing cost savings from not having to manage and maintain their own backup servers. These savings turned into higher profits for the company and greater customer satisfaction.


As a hosting company Cipnet frequently had customers who reached out to them after having lost their websites (content + databases), mainly due to hacker attacks (and sometimes user error). Cipnet wanted to offer their customers an easy solution that end users could use on their own if they ever needed to restore and get a website back online for any type of disruption.

Before integrating with Dropsuite by Dropsuite, they used scripts to backup the websites of some of their bigger customers, but it wasn’t a safe, reliable and scalable solution. And they know that as the number and the size of the websites they supported increased, they’d have to have a more professional solution in place.

Why Dropsuite

Cipnet liked that Dropsuite was a SaaS solution with automated incremental cloud backup. Dropsuite’s white label feature was also a strong selling features. Dropsuite even worked with Cipnet to make sure our control panel was optimized and localized for the local Portuguese-speaking market.

How Dropsuite Helped

Cipnet said ease of use of the Dropsuite platform and the responsiveness of the company’s support team was the number one reason they decided to work with us — and they stand by that claim years after we first inked our deal with them.

From an operations point of view, Cipnet achieved the cost savings they were looking for by opting for an off site Cloud solution that was highly reliable, easy to use, and scalable.

From the end user support point of view, Cipnet customers achieved peace of mind knowing that their valuable website data would never be lost again. They had backup insurance in place, thanks to Cipnet.


Dropsuite was able to do what no other data backup provider was able to do — handcraft a localized SaaS backup solution and implement it quickly for one of the most popular Brazilian Internet service providers so that they could in turn empower their end user customers with an easy to use product that protected their websites. Ah, satisfaction.

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