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Website Backup Surpassing Rigid Irish Standards

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About Blacknight

Blacknight Internet Solutions Ltd (Blacknight) is a 100% Irish owned ICANN accredited registrar and hosting company specializing in serving the hosting and co-location needs of businesses.


Blacknight offers a wide range of hosting solutions to match the needs of any customer. From shared hosting for small business, through Linux and Windows cloud hosting, up to colocation and dedicated servers for big business – they offer it all.

Why Dropsuite

“We took a long time to evaluate Dropsuite’s products to make sure they worked the way we needed them to work for our customers,” said Michele Neylon, CEO of Blacknight. “Dropsuite was a good fit so our technical team did the integration and we added extra functionality which as really important to us.”

“Dropsuite provides a solution that works, as advertied”
Michele Neylon
CEO of Blacknight Solutions

Selection Process

Blacknight went on a search to find a viable, affordable website and database backup provider. The retail price [for website backup] was an important factor because most of Blacknight’s customers didn’t want to pay a lot of money for backup because it was difficult for them to foresee how important their data is until they had an issue with it. Blacknight found a solution in Dropsuite. Dropsuite’s products made it easy for Blacknight’s customers to backup their data in just one click, at a low price, (white labelled as Sitebackup).

Use Case

Thousands of Blacknight customers across Europe were asking for a way to backup their data in a simple, cost-effective manner. Says Neylon, “Many of our customers did not have their own IT staff to to setup websites or troubleshoot technical requests. Dropsuite was good fit for our customers.”

Product Announcement: New! GovCloud Backup and Archiving is now available for Government and Public Sector customers.


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