Calling All Ruby Engineers in Bandung, Indonesia

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The Opportunity

Dropsuite is a fast-growing cloud software company that helps SMEs in over 100 countries easily backup, recover and protects their digital assets. We keep getting bigger every day — and we’re on the lookout for talented programmers to join our engineering team as we expand into Bandung, Indonesia.

Our Team Leader

Dondi Sasmita, one of Dropsuite’s elite software engineering managers, will head up our new Bandung facility. Dondi is an avid gamer and multi-disciplined programmer with many years of software management experience under his belt. Dondi describes his appreciation for coding as “poetry for machines.” Written well, software can be coded in a way that is both elegant and purposeful. Dondi is looking forward to interviewing technical recruits like you who may want to become part of our exciting organization.

Why Bandung

Bandung is an obvious choice as a city for Dropsuite to expand into; the city is much less expensive to live in than Singapore (where Dropsuite is headquartered), and there are 16+ universities plus 45 professional schools scattered across Bandung, brimming with young technical talent.

Our Development Toolkit

Dropsuite engineers bring true craftsmanship to our data backup products. We love keeping our processes agile, our approach modular, our code light & elegant, our documentation thorough and our projects exciting.

Here is a quick overview of the development tools you’ll get to work with as a member of Dropsuite’s engineering team:

Application development
(Ruby 2.x, Rails, Padrino, Grape, Scala)

API development

JS, JQuery, CoffeeScript, CSS3, HTML5, BOOTSTRAP

RUBY 2.x, Rails 3+, Padrino

PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB

Development tools
Sublime Text, Vim, Cl, GitHub

Selenium, Capybara, Rspec, PhantomJS, CI

Cloud technologies
Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azzure, OpenStack Swift, Ceph

Pivotal Tracker, Slack

Why Ruby

Dropsuite is an organization that embraces innovation. We take pride in implementing disruptive ideas and adding value to all of our backup products. We do this by utilizing programming languages like Ruby that when combined with lean processes, allow us to deliver beautiful, highly scalable and low error prone code.

To augment Ruby’s lack of concurrency and parallelization behavior, the Dropsuite engineering team utilizes Scala. Dropsuite feels Scala is ideal for today’s scalable, distributed, component-based applications that support concurrency and distribution. It balances out Ruby nicely.

“Dropsuite is a huge supporter of Ruby,” said Dropsuite’s Dondi Sasmita. “I had the good fortune of meeting Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby, in person at an industry event. I’m a big believer in Yukihiro’s guiding philosophy when designing Ruby known as the principle of least surprise — which means that developers want to have fun and express themselves when they program, rather than having to fight with the language. Ruby is relatively easy to learn, you can do a lot with it and its simple to share best practices.”

Yes, We’re Hiring

We’re searching a few great Ruby on Rails programmers to join our amazing software engineering team in Bandung. The right candidates should be have 1-2 years of Ruby / Rails / Sinatra software skills, experience in using databases (PostgreeSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Cassandra, Redi), experience in Test Driven Development, a solutions oriented attitude and a true passion for innovative technology.

Email your CV to: 

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