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Year In Review: Top Tech Stories of 2017

We polled the Dropsuite team to find out what their top 10 mainstream tech stories were for 2017. Here’s what we came up with.

  1. Unprecedented raise in cybersecurity attacks globally
    Wannacry and Nonpetya ransomware attacks, and Equifax data personal data for 143 million U.S. What’s next?
  2. Bitcoin mania goes mainstream
    WSJ bitcoin mania chart.
    If You Bought $5 of Bitcoin 7 Years Ago, You’d Be $4.4 Million Richer.
  3. GDPR, data privacy and its ramifications on IT companies
    Failure to properly protect a “personal data breach” may result in hefty fines.
    WHOIS The First Casualty Of GDPR?
  4. Repeal of Net Neutrality
    The Economist explains what may happen to the internet in America.
  5. Russian (bots) infiltrate America
    Facebook’s role in the propagation of disinformation.
    Russian-linked companies like Kaspersky Lab and Acronis under greater scrutiny.
  6. The rise of machine-learning
    Machine-learning is on pace to quickly morph into self-learning and beyond. Dropsuite’s own advanced insights and analytics tools utilize machine-learning to transform business emails into actionable intelligence.
  7. Amazon’s Jeff Bezos becomes richest person in the world
    Jeff Bezos’ $90 billion net worth from helming Amazon makes him the world’s richest man — and his $13.7 billion Whole Foods acquisition wasn’t too shabby either.
  8. In Memoriam: Death of AOL Instant Messenger
    Okay, this may not be the most important event of 2017, but Dec 15th marked the end of an era for AIM — and a reminder of a time when the Internet was brand new.
  9. #DeleteUber
    Scores of customers started deleting their Uber accounts when news story after news story painted the company in an ill light, culminating with the resignation of Uber’s CEO.
  10. The top 5 unstoppable tech companies, now worth more than $3 trillion
    The top 5.
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