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Rahul’s 7 Week Internship at Dropsuite

Dropsuite is a leading cloud-based software company for many reasons. The company’s internship program is something we’re very proud of — and the spirit of working with the “next generation” of engineers is directly aligned with our culture.

Not only do Dropsuite interns gain valuable on-the-job experience, but all of our interns are evaluated and given an opportunity to be hired by the company on a full-time basis should the right opportunity present itself.

We recently sat down with Singapore intern, Rahul Jaisingh, to see what he had to say about his experience with Dropsuite’s Internship Program. Rahul is a freshman Computer Science major at Carnegie Mellon University, focusing on computer science, with a keen interest in artificial intelligence. He has already built AIs for Pokemon and chess — and he’s competed in Google’s Code Jam. His dream job is to become a professional poker player.

How did you find Dropsuite or Dropsuite find you?

A friend knew I was looking to get some on the job experience during my school break and he referred me to Charif El-Ansari, Dropsuite’s CEO. After a brief interview, I landed a 7 week paid internship with the company. I was thrilled.

What was it like interning at Dropsuite?

The internship provided me with the opportunity to learn more about programming and what I can expect to be doing on a daily basis working as a professional in the data backup industry. It was a great opportunity to get to know everyone in the company, and the exposure to the engineers and management team was fun and insightful.

As part of my responsibility working on the backend and testing of the company’s VPS product (virtual private server), I reported to senior engineer, Ganesh. Even before I started interning at the company he emailed me materials for me to review to help get me up to speed. While on the job, Ganesh took the time to train and mentor me. He also took the time to explain how all the various Dropsuite products functioned. I wasn’t expecting that an intern would be treated like any other employee. It was a pleasant surprise.

I really enjoyed all the hands-on work I was able to do using the Scala programming language. There is some truth to the statement that “Scala is harder than Java”, but I felt the learning curve was well worth the investment because I was able to see the coding outcome in our product. I was also able to build reactive applications with Akka. Prior to interning at Dropsuite I had no prior experience with either of these programming tools so from a exposure standpoint, I learned a lot.

I was also included in the company’s weekly team meetings, which broadened my perspective and understanding of the real-world challenges that a cloud-based software business faces every day. It was very eye-opening.

Did anything surprise you about working at Dropsuite?

Yes. I didn’t realize that their engineers had so much influence on the product design. I thought that the business or product people would drive everything, but I learned that at Dropsuite, the development process is very collaborative. Engineers have a strong voice in the final product, which I found refreshing.

Another thing I learned was how important documentation is to a software company. When you are coding by yourself, you know your own style of coding and you never have to share your code with others. But with a professional software company, code must be shared so you need to follow the proper programming conventions and document every change you make. I wasn’t aware of how important this was prior to interning at Dropsuite.

Why did you like most about interning with the company?

I got to make things happen. Within two days, I was actually testing and coding. It was great that my code was merged into actual development code.

Do you have any advice for how we can improve our internship program?

I wish I could have worked on a variety of products instead of just one product. But that’s a bit unrealistic for a 7 week internship because it takes time to fully understand how a product works. I was involved briefly with the company’s Dropmyemail product and I would have loved to have been able to work on it more. But overall, I would recommend Dropsuite to any programmer looking to get on-the-job experience at an innovative software company. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Dropsuite management team for taking a chance on me.

Next Steps

Interested in applying to become a Dropsuite intern? If you are a smart, energetic student looking to gain experience in programming or marketing, and you are motivated by the idea of contributing and presenting great work in an exciting, fast-paced collaborative environment, we’d like to heard from you.

You can make a general employment enquiry by emailing your CV to

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