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Intcomex Partnership Kicks Off

Dropsuite Partners with Intcomex

Intcomex signs a New Partnership with Dropsuite to Bring Data Protection to Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Intcomex to offer Cloud Backup for Office 365 by Dropsuite to 50,000+ reseller partners.
  • According to a report cited by Microsoft, “Cybersecurity: Are We Ready in Latin America and the Caribbean?,” Latin America was extremely vulnerable to potentially devastating cyber-attacks.
  • Intcomex will benefit Dropsuite due to its market coverage, leadership and positioning in the region.

Intcomex and Dropsuite are pleased to announce a new partnership to provide Cloud Backup for Office 365 data protection to reseller partners in Latin America and the Caribbean via the Intcomex platform. Intcomex will offer its business partners the ability to easily backup, archive and recover Office 365 data with Dropsuite.

Data Dangers Increasing in Latin America and the Caribbean

According to a report cited by Microsoft, “Cybersecurity: Are We Ready in Latin America and the Caribbean?” authored by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB); Organization of American States, Latin America was extremely vulnerable to potentially devastating cyber-attacks.*

Businesses must protect their data and have the ability to quickly restore their data should it be deleted, encrypted or corrupted. Data threats to businesses continue to grow and include accidental or deliberate deletion, ransomware, phishing attacks, employee theft and other unexpected data loss events.

Why Office 365 Backup is Needed

You may be asking — why do I need backup? Microsoft already backs everything up for me.

This is not true, here’s why:

  • Microsoft is only responsible for the Office 365 infrastructure, not the data.
  • With Office 365, it’s your data. You own and control it. You are responsible for it. Period.
  • Office 365 wasn’t built to be a comprehensive data backup and archiving solution.

Even Microsoft’s website says they take care of the infrastructure, but the data remains the customer’s responsibility.

It’s not just your email at risk of data loss. It’s your email attachments, calendar, tasks as well. Plus, your SharePoint files, OneDrive files, Groups and Teams files too that are at risk.

Dropsuite Cloud Backup for Office 365

Dropsuite Cloud Backup for Office 365 will help Intcomex resellers safeguard Exchange Online (email files, attachments, calendars and tasks), plus backup SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams data.

Intcomex offers a full trade coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean, with major scale and leadership that will rapidly and effectively position Dropsuite’s products. The company has a robust infrastructure and a great vision of the IT business conformed by a network of 15 subsidiaries throughout the region, two consolidation centers located in Miami and Panama, has operations in 41 countries and a coverage of more than 50.000 unique customers every year.

Dropsuite ’s easy-to-use SaaS backup and archiving product is ideal for businesses in the Latin American and the Caribbean markets. Dropsuite’s single pane-of-glass dashboard enables IT administrators to quickly protect, manage and retrieve data in minutes — reducing Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), boosting ARPU and improving customer satisfaction.

Joseph Bouhadana, Vice President of Cloud Services at Intcomex, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with Dropsuite to bring their professional-grade Office 365 backup and archiving product to our reseller customers. Dropsuite’s automated backup is user-friendly, meets rigorous international compliance standards, and is simple to provision.”

“We’re honored to partner with Intcomex, a distributor that willing brings cloud backup and archiving to Latin America and the Caribbean,” said Dropsuite’s COO, Ridley Ruth. “Launching Dropsuite Cloud Backup for Office 365 on the Intcomex platform means MSPs and VARs will be able to double their money by bundling our product with Office 365, while earning recurring

Intcomex and Dropsuite

To learn more about the partnership and how it can help protect business data read the Intcomex and Dropsuite partnership press release.

Visit Dropsuite’s Cloud Backup for Office 365 solution page to learn more about this powerful solution for protecting business data assets.

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