HostPapa Dropsuite Case Study

Hostpapa Dropsuite Case Study


This case study explores how leading international hosting provider, HostPapa, was able to migrate thousands of current website backup customers from an existing vendor to a new, much more scalable provider, without disruption, at an affordable price.

Be Confident Your Data Is Secure

HostPapa was looking to replace its incumbent website backup software vendor with a more scalable backup provider. HostPapa had thousands of customers utilizing website backup — but escalating data center costs combined with scaling challenges and customer experience issues made them determined to find a better backup solution. They needed a solution that was capable of serving tens of thousands of existing and new customers – without disruption – at a price point, quality and timeline that met HostPapa’s stringent business requirements.


A new Cloud-based website backup solution was identified that met all of HostPapa’s stringent requirements — and thousands of HostPapa accounts were seamlessly migrated over to Dropmysite by Dropsuite.


Mission accomplished on time and without unexpected costs, leading to a better overall customer experience, improved revenue/margin per user and lower support costs.

HostPapa’s Bulk Data Migration Story

Being a trusted worldwide hosting provider didn’t just happen overnight. HostPapa built it’s reputation customer by customer, year over year, by providing quality services, support and solutions to SMBs. The productivity and business management tools they provide had to meet the brand standards promised to their customers. HostPapa supports over 500,000 small business and personal websites

HostPapa had been working with a reputable third-party data backup provider for several years, but when the volume of website backups started to increase, their incumbent backup provider’s platform had difficulty scaling to keep up with the growth — which had detrimental effects on customer experience and support costs.

HostPapa knew it had to take action to find a more scalable backup provider that could be a better long term business partner. The company set about a thorough review of the leading website and email backup providers in the market.

Key criteria included:

  • Functional yet intuitive user experience
  • Multiple language support (English, French, Spanish and German)
  • Partner’s integration capabilities (APIs and plug-ins) into the company’s infrastructure
  • Scalability to tens of thousands of users worldwide with minimal server load
  • Affordability and cost effectiveness
  • Migration with minimal disruption to existing website backup users

After a rigorous partner evaluation and testing process with multiple software providers, HostPapa chose Dropmysite by Dropsuite as its preferred website backup platform.

The fact that HostPapa had every choice in the world but selected a Dropsuite product is not only a testament to the quality and reliability of Dropsuite’s backup services, but it also signifies HostPapa’s unwavering commitment to providing a great customer experience for its end users.

Dropsuite’s Solution Fit

User Experience: The majority of HostPapa’s customers were small businesses and most were not tech-savvy. Dropsuite’s solution was built for small business with an easy-to-use, yet functional user experience.

Integration Capabilities: Dropsuite was able to easily integrate Dropmysite into HostPapa’s infrastructure via REST APIs and plug-ins, enabling the team to compress the project timeline. HostPapa was able to easily white-label and customize the Dropmysite software so that its customers could have a seamless brand experience.

Scalability: Since HostPapa is a global hosting provider, it needed a reliable backup product that could scale for its growing international user base. Dropsuite’s software was built to scale horizontally in the Cloud – meaning it’s able to process, backup and restore a large number of simultaneous users, located anywhere in the world, with minimal human intervention.

Cost: Website hosting is a very competitive industry, and keeping costs in check was something that HostPapa required. Not only was Dropmysite built with affordability in mind, it also helps partners reduce their customer support costs by delivering a superior end user experience.



With Dropsuite fulfilling HostPapa’s key business requirements, the decision was made to migrate thousands of HostPapa’s website backup customers over to Dropmysite. An interdisciplinary team from both companies was set up to manage the technical migration. Dropmysite also became the primary backup solution offered to HostPapa’s new customers post-migration.


  • Hiccup-free, bulk migration successful: Migration project went smoothly, 100% of HostPapa’s website backups are now supplied by Dropsuite
  • ARPU increase: HostPapa was able boost its revenue and margin per user by offering a better website, database and email backup solution to its user base
  • Better customer experience: HostPapa’s customers now have anywhere/anytime access and control over their website, database and email backups. They can also restore their data anywhere/anytime with just a few clicks
  • Lower support costs: HostPapa has less customers support issues to deal with, which over time will result in cost savings for the company

With the huge rise in unexpected data loss over the past few years, protecting SMB digital assets from hacking, theft, ransomware, malware and accidental errors has become more critical than ever. HostPapa’s customers benefit from Dropsuite’s robust backup solutions for complete peace of mind.



“HostPapa’s desire has always been to make it easy for any enterprise — large or small — to safeguard their data,” says Jamie Opalchuk, HostPapa’s CEO. “Dropsuite’s backup solutions are like insurance for data. For just pennies a day, Dropsuite’s backup platform runs seamlessly in the background, keeping our customer’s data safe — providing peace of mind in the event that a backup or restore is ever needed.”

About HostPapa

Founded in Oakville, Ontario Canada in 2007, HostPapa is committed to delivering enterprise-grade productivity tools and business management solutions to small businesses, freelancers, online entrepreneurs and digital professionals all over the world. With over 500,000 websites hosted, HostPapa offers some of the most feature packed web hosting solutions available on the market today. In addition to powerful tools and hosting packages, HostPapa also offers around-the-clock, award-winning Canadian-based 24/7 support via telephone, chat and email in four languages (English, French, Spanish, and German).


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