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Europlanet Case Study: A Game Changer

How did Europlanet reduce its costs and increase profits while boosting customer happiness? Read how Dropsuite worked with this popular European Internet service provider to overcome burdensome customer support challenges by rolling out an innovative backup solution that was a real game changer to their business.

“Dropsuite’s efficient data backup services allowed us to spend less money on hardware infrastructure upgrades — money we now spend on implementations and other upgrades.” — Gerasimos Perentidis, CEO of Europlanet

Europlanet was the first official domain name registrar and is the most popular Internet service provider in Greece. They have evolved into a modern integrated company providing web/data hosting, domain name registration and world wide telephony VoIP.

Dropsuite is the industry leader in website, database and email data backup technologies via the cloud. Resellers are the core of our business. We provide a world class partner program that covers integration, technical support, sales and marketing support, reseller tools and more.

We had a chance to speak to Gerasimos Perentidis, CEO of Europlanet to find out why he decided to offer Dropsuite’s website backup services to his customers in Greece.

Executive Summary

Dropsuite launched its premium website and database backup service, Dropmysite, with Europlanet in July, 2015. The service was offered to all Europlanet’s customers in Greek and was integrated into their control panel via REST APIs. Europlanet customers are now able to backup and restore 7 previous versions websites and databases directly from their control panel. They can choose to restore their entire website or just a single file from any of these 7 backup versions with just a click of a button within their control panel. After just two months from launch, Europlanet started realizing cost savings from not having to manage and maintain their own backup servers. These savings turned into higher profits for the company and greater customer satisfaction.


The biggest challenge faced by Europlanet before integrating and offering Dropmysite by Dropsuite was the constant need to upgrade hardware resources and disk capacities. Europlanet wanted to let their users take charge of their own backup along with restore capabilities without causing support nightmares. On the other hand, the customers did not wish to pay extra money for the extra backup space which was already a part of their web hosting space. Europlanet was forced to constantly upgrade their infrastructure in order to satisfy their customers. This increased their monthly expenditures and reduced their gross profit margins.

Why Dropmysite

Europlanet offered ODIN’s Plesk backup/restore solutions to its customers, but due to technical problems, they stopped using it. “For Plesk backup the use of resources was extremely high”, says Gerasimos. Europlanet also considered offering Arconis backup but they realized that Acronis had a complex user interface and was diffcult to use at the end user level.

How Dropmysite Helped

1. Reduced support costs

After launching Dropmysite by Dropsuite, Europlanet stopped all the local backup procedures and was able to provide a single independent backup service to their hosting customers. They were also able to offer Dropmysite backup as a standalone product to customers who had hosting services with other providers. This led to direct cost savings in terms of lower hardware cost, less frequent server upgrades and less manual intervention.

2. Improved product portfolio

Europlanet created a standalone web package called “Easy Backup” and made it available to any user regardless of their hosting provider, thereby improving their overall product offering.

3. Increased revenue and happy customers

Since the price of the “offsite” backup was now made affordable, many of Europlanet’s customers were happy to pay the extra fee with no complaints. Customers also enjoyed all the new features offered — and they appreciated the importance of keeping 7 backup versions of their data. Customers also liked being able to restore any single file with just one click from any of these 7 backup versions.

Next Steps

Want to learn more about how Dropsuite’s data backup products can reduce your costs, increase your profits and improve the satisfaction of your customers?

Our knowledgeable sales associates are here to help. Contact: or call +65 6779 5131.

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