Dropsuite Takes Aim At 60 Million+ Microsoft Office 365 Users

60 Million Microsoft Office 365 Users

Global Cloud software platform, Dropsuite Pte Ltd (Dropsuite) has begun rolling out the Microsoft Office 365 (O365) Email Backup & Archiving by offering its reseller partners Dropmyemail (DME) integration.

The first reseller partners to offer Dropsuite’s Dropmyemail O365 Email Backup & Archiving solution include Ireland-based Blacknight, Australia-based Ozhosting, U.K.-based Gradwell, Singapore-based ICONZ-Webvisions and U.S.-based Hostmysite.

Microsoft Office 365 is the most widely used business Cloud service with over 60 million monthly active commercial users, with 50,000 small businesses added every month, according to Microsoft as of Q1 2016. Office 365 resellers who partner with Dropsuite can offer Dropmyemail to their customers to backup their emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks within Office 365.

Chief Executive Officer of Dropsuite, Charif Elansari, said:

“With the release of Microsoft Office 365 integration for Dropmyemail, IT Service Providers who distribute O365, can rapidly integrate Dropmyemail and offer it to their O365 customers who want to backup and archive their email for either business continuity, compliance or other reasons.

The beauty of the Dropsuite solution is that Dropmyemail can be seamlessly integrated into the IT Service Providers’ infrastructure, so SMEs can very easily buy email backup and archiving with just a few clicks.

At Dropsuite, our Engineering-First culture is all about designing intuitive solutions that can be easily purchased and used by SMEs.”

Chief Executive Officer of Ozhosting, Doug Endersbee, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers Dropsuite’s O365 Email Backup & Archiving, a comprehensive email archiving service to a ‘legal hold’ standard.

Many of the businesses we serve are professional services such as lawyers, accountants, health, architects, and every email has the potential to contain advice or a commitment that is legally binding and must be permanently retained – these businesses need the ability to protect themselves from inadvertent or malicious deletion of emails.

A solution that is easily deployed, completely independent and isolated from the email platform, connected in real time to capture every file, and simple to search is just what our customers need.”

Chief Technical Officer of Blacknight, Paul Kelly, said:

“We are firm believers in SaaS cloud services, and we also understand the need for customers to feel secure.

Dropsuite’s O365 Email Backup & Archiving allows us to offer professional-level archiving and backup for all mailbox users on our Office 365 products. Once they’ve made a backup, users can restore a single mail or a full mailbox, all with just one click. They can also migrate the content of one mailbox to another.”

Cloud Product Manager for Gladwell, Nicholas Fox, said:

“Backing up data can be a tedious, time-consuming task, but it is absolutely business critical.

We welcome the ability to offer Dropsuite’s O365 Email Backup & Archiving to our Office 365 customers, ensuring that their data is backed up securely, with a system that can restore it efficiently and effectively.”

With the rapid adoption of Microsoft Office 365 by businesses, backup and archiving of emails in the Cloud is expected to grow, especially in regulated industries such as Medical, Finance and Accounting where archiving all email communications for a number of years has been mandated for compliance purposes.

Australia, for example, has published legal requirements that pertain to the way in which organisations should create, manage, retain and destroy all electronic or paper records to ensure an efficient and compliant records management system. Guidelines can be found in the Australian Records Retention Manual.

Dropsuite’s Office 365 Email Backup & Archiving Feature Set:

  • Works for business archive, business backup and personal backup
  • Backup & archive emails, contacts, calendars, and tasks
  • Automatic journal mailbox provisioning
  • Automatic compliance rule handling
  • Automatic full backup
  • 1 click restore and download
  • 1 click email / mailbox migration (no extra charge)
  • Advance Search for eDiscovery
  • Keyword(s) Alert creation

Dropsuite Reseller Benefits

  1. Better User Experience Nearly every aspect of Dropsuite’s O365 Email Backup & Archiving solution has been automated. Customers can start backing up their O365 emails without any IT knowledge. Resellers have less customers support issues to deal with.
  2. Faster Partner Integration, No Extra Cost Dropsuite’s O365 Email Backup & Archiving solution can be easily integrated with IT Service Providers Office 365 offerings who can literally integrate today, resell tomorrow. Dropsuite does this via the “ready to install” modules available for Odin Service Automation® , REST APIs or Dropsuite’s Automated Reseller Provisioning Platform (ARPP). There are no out of pocket integration development costs for resellers.
  3. Improved ARPU, Margins and End User Customer Retention Data backup represents a proven opportunity for hosting companies to expand their service offerings to existing customers by offering “insurance” against disaster, theft, viruses, ransomware, human error or other forms of unexpected data loss.

Next Steps

Want to learn more about how reselling Dropsuite’s data backup products can reduce your costs, increase your profits and improve the satisfaction of your SMB customers?

Our knowledgeable sales associates are here to help. Contact: sales@dropsuite.com or call +65 6779 5131.

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