Dropsuite and interworks.cloud Partnership

Dropsuite Partners with InterWorks

Dropsuite and interworks.cloud Partner to Offer Data Protection Throughout the Eurozone

Dropsuite is proud to announce that we have partnered with interworks.cloud, an end-to-end provisioning and automation platform for quick and effective management of cloud businesses.

With this partnership, interworks.cloud’s Office 365 resellers and their business customers will now be able to protect their data with Dropsuite’s cloud backup and archiving solutions.

Dropsuite’s backup, archiving and recovery solutions have been provisioned into interworks.cloud so that Office 365 data (Exchange Online, SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams) can be protected in just a few clicks.

interworks.cloud’s customers will be able to:

  • Bundle Dropsuite backup and archiving with Office 365
  • Provide a GDPR compliant email archiving solution
  • Protect email data against cyber attacks and data loss
  • Increase client retention, satisfaction and peace of mind
  • Boost a reseller’s monthly recurring revenue and ARPU

Why Office 365 Backup is Critical:

In an increasingly hostile cyber environment, today’s businesses are forced to move at a frenetic pace dictated in part by rogue employees, hackers and other nefarious characters looking to infiltrate, destroy, steal or hold data hostage.

According to Cisco’s 2018 Annual Cybersecurity Report, ransomware attacks are growing more than 350 percent annually. And 71 percent of all targeted cyber attacks start with email phishing, according to the 2018 Internet Security Threat Report by Symantec.

Microsoft Office 365 Does Not Include a Dedicated Backup Tool:

Microsoft Office 365 does not include a dedicated solution for automating, backing up, recovering and providing valuable analytical insights into stored data. Only a cloud-based, dedicated backup solution like Dropsuite’s Office 365 Backup provides the ability to fully and completely backup, search, access and restore O365 data.

“The Dropsuite/interworks.cloud integration enables Cloud Distributors and Service Providers to easily offer email backup, email archiving, data recovery and compliance solutions to resellers and their end-customers,” said Tasos Tsipidis, Product Owner at interworks.cloud. “interworks.cloud platform users can safeguard their Office 365 data while earning solid margins. With cyber threats on the rise, adding Dropsuite to our cloud portfolio is a win-win for all.”

European Data Sovereignty Assured:

Data sovereignty is critical for many European businesses. Dropsuite’s local European data centers within Amazon Web Services allow customers to store Office 365 backup and archived data locally for performance, legal, or preference reasons.

Insights BI Uncovers Business Optimization Data:

Insights BI by Dropsuite is included for no additional fee as part of Dropsuite’s Office 365 Backup solution. Insights BI provides a robust email analytics toolset for organizations who seek to transform stagnant, archived email data into actionable business intelligence.

Dropsuite Insights BI turns complex and extensive email data sets into simple, actionable reports, graphs and charts.

Insights BI by Dropsuite answers questions such as:

  • Which staff are efficiently managing emails, and which are falling short?
  • Which recipients are being sent emails/attachments & at what frequency?
  • Are there employees who are exhibiting unusual email behaviors?

To learn more about using backup and archive data analytics to uncover business insights and optimize businesses visit Dropsuite’s Insights BI page.


GDPR Compliance for Office 365 Data:

Finally, a key advantage of Dropsuite’s Office 365 Backup and Archiving solution is the ability it provides firms to comply with GDPR data privacy requirements.

Dropsuite focuses on preservation, maintenance and the ability to apply advanced search to backed up and archived emails, attachments and related data. By using these tools firms can comply easily and quickly with GDPR requirements and mandates for email and related data backup, archiving and recovery.

To learn more about how easily GDPR compliance mandates can be administered and managed visit Dropsuite’s GDPR Compliance Solutions page.


interworks.cloud Partnership with Dropsuite:

For more information on the interworks.cloud and Dropsuite partnership read the interworks.cloud and Dropsuite partnership press release

To learn more about Dropsuite and the powerful suite of Office 365 Backup and Archiving solutions visit the Office 365 Backup page or contact our sales team at sales@dropsuite.com.

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