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Effortlessly and securely backup and restore Email, Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 GovCloud, Google Workspace, and QuickBooks Online

Introducing GovCloud Backup and Archiving – easily backup public sector M365 data while maintaining heightened security.

Introducing QuickBooks Online Backup – the complete solution for protecting your business accounting data.

Intuitive and affordable backup solutions that help companies safeguard their business data.

Backup, archiving and recovery solutions delivered at scale to power your business defense

Dropsuite simplifies data protection so you can focus on delivering what your business does best, providing value and growth. Effortlessly backup Microsoft 365, Microsoft 365 GovCloud, Google Workspace, QuickBooks Online and websites. Adhere to compliance regulations with email archiving, eDiscovery and GDPR Responder. Better understand your business with Insights BI email intelligence – and so much more. Be a backup hero by safeguarding your critical business data with the easiest to use suite of SaaS backup and archiving solutions and top-quality service to guide you:

Exceptional User Experience

Simple, intuitive interface that is packed with useful and powerful features, including insights and analytics.

Seamless Partner Integration

Seamless Partner Integration

Integrates with any partner infrastructure and delivers streamlined provisioning, billing and support.

Cutting-Edge Cloud Platform

Cutting-Edge Cloud Platform

Built for the cloud from day one. Secure public and private cloud platform deployed globally.

Highly Responsive Team

Highly Responsive Team

Expert training, marketing and technical support delivered by an agile and passionate team around the world.

Solutions for Compliance, Data Security and Retrieval from Dropsuite

Dropsuite provides cloud-based solutions for regulatory compliance, data security including archiving and data retrieval, plus advanced analytics to uncover hidden data and turn it into actionable insights to improve business processes:

Dropsuite's Products

Dropsuite Email Backup Dashboard

GovCloud Backup

Dropsuite’s GovCloud Backup allows US government agencies and other regulated industries to easily and securely back up and restore M365 data in the cloud. GovCloud Backup possesses heightened security while leveraging easy-to-use features such as automated incremental backup, one-click data restore, and regulatory-compliant email archiving features.

QuickBooks Online Backup

Dropsuite’s QuickBooks Online Backup offers secure continuous and on-demand backup, which means in the event of a system failure, data loss, or other unexpected events, the accounting data can be quickly and easily restored without any data loss.

Businesses can now take advantage of point-in-time restore, download archived files for reporting, import into QBO, and replicate records to other QBO accounts.

Dropsuite QuickBooks Online Backup Dashboard
Dropsuite Email Backup Dashboard

Dropsuite Email Archiving

Email Archiving helps organizations efficiently store, safeguard, manage, and discover data from most email systems through Journaling. eDiscovery, Retention and Legal Hold policies, Advanced Search and Compliance Review are a few features to ensure you’re within regulatory compliance.

Email Archiving is built on top of Email Backup, providing a robust set of tools for your backup needs.

Dropsuite Email Backup

Email Backup backs up Workspace Gmail, Exchange Online, Hosted Exchange, IMAP/ POP and Open-Xchange quickly and securely. This means no matter which of those systems you use – your critical business email data is backed up safely and securely.

Additional included solutions like Microsoft 365 Backup and Insights BI make Email Backup a powerful tool for business continuity and operational efficiency.

Dropsuite Email Backup Dashboard
Dropsuite Website Backup

Dropsuite Website Backup

Dropsuite Website Backup is a cloud-based website, database backup and monitoring service website owners can use to securely backup, recover, monitor and protect their website data. This solution is fully cloud-based, military-grade secure and super easy to use.

Dropsuite Website Backup integrates with most control panels and our 1-Click restore works across the entire timeline of your site’s backups.

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“Dropsuite shines because it’s easy to use, intuitive, with great pricing. Also, there are no minimum purchases, no import fees, no ingestion fees or setup fees. That’s unique.”
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