Red Leaf Case Study

Turbocharged Investment Speeds with Instant Search and Recovery

About Red Leaf Securities

Red Leaf Securities is a boutique investment advisory firm based in Sydney that provides quality investment strategies to sophisticated and institutional clients, supported by industry leading research. Services include: Domestic equities, ETF’s and Listed Investment Companies (LIC’s), research and advisory services.

Problem to Solve

Red Leaf Securities utilizes email on a daily basis — from researching investment opportunities to communicating with its customers. Email is essential to its business, so protecting email data is important.

Red Leaf Securities was surprised to find out that most of the popular email solutions on the market such as Office 365 or Gmail were only responsible for maintaining the technical infrastructure — and not the data. Responsibility for the data backup and archiving rested with the user.

In addition to data safety, the ability to quickly find a piece of information hidden within email communications was an issue Red Leaf wanted to solve. They were spending too much time digging through past records to uncover data that they needed — and it was becoming a real chore.

Why Dropsuite

According to George Elhage, Director at Red Leaf, “Dropsuite was our first option. We had heard great things about the company. When considering an email backup and archiving solution, ease of navigation and speed of data discovery where our primary requirements and Dropsuite did not disappoint”.

Dropsuite’s advanced search features allowed Red Leaf advisors to easily showcase their sound investment advice to clients by making it easy for them to “go back in time” and perform activities such as looking up stock recommendations they had made previously.

Dropsuite Benefits

Before using Dropsuite, certain email data such as customer account data, investment documents or stock recommendations were just inaccessible — or they took far too long to find — which was frustrating.

According to Elhage, Dropsuite allows the Red Leaf team to quickly recover deleted or hard to find data files. “We try to keep our inboxes clean so quite frequently something we deleted months ago is determined to be relevant today — and being able to instantly restore that data and share it with clients is a huge plus for our reputation.”

For Red Leaf, speed is essential to providing high-quality service and they needed a solution like Dropsuite they could trust to help them quickly gain access to any file they needed, on demand, allowing them to meet and exceed customer expectations.

A future benefit for Red Leaf is anticipated to be Dropsuite Insights BI. “We look forward to leveraging Dropsuite’s email intelligence tools to better understand email usage patterns and performance efficiencies with our team,” said George Elhage.