Hermes Case Study

Stress Free Email Archiving

About Hermes Consulting

Founded in 2015, Hermes Consulting is a passionate information technology consulting firm that helps small businesses in the Carolinas make fiscally sound technology decisions.


Verticals such as law firms, accounting firms, and medical offices; offering managed services ranging from migrations to Office 365 adoption, to desktop support, server support, VOIP, business process improvement and endpoint & network security.

Why Dropsuite

“Email Archiving by Dropsuite has completely transformed email compliance support for our regulated clients” says Hermes owner, Colin Bulla. “What used to be a tedious and time consuming process to ensure we had adhered to each regulatory request has become a breeze.”

Selection Process

Hermes had tested a few popular archiving vendors before the Cloud. These solutions were feature-rich, but their cumbersome interfaces, steep learning curves, and high price tags meant Hermes had to hire expensive administrators to support it. “The ROI just wasn’t working,” says Colin. “Traditional email archivers actually created more stress than benefits. As soon as we demoed Dropsuite’s Cloud Backup and Archiving for Office 365 and saw how well their software was designed and how easy it was to use, we knew we wanted to become a reseller.”

Use Case

Hermes received a preservation order from a client for a pending litigation. A series of archiving tasks that used to take hours were completed in minutes. Says Colin, “Dropsuite is so easy to use my grandmother could administer it!” Case closed.