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Simple & reliable cloud backup for SharePoint Team Sites files.

Microsoft Team Sites File Backup for Data Protection

Microsoft Teams has quickly become the go-to messaging and file-sharing tool used around the world by businesses big and small. So when it comes to data protection, the files shared with Teams need to backed up and available. Dropsuite protects Team Sites files as part of our Office 365 backup and recovery solution.

With Dropsuite you can ensure important files share in Teams are backed up and secure. Safely backup, manage, recover, and protect Teams files, along with other Office 365 critical assets such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks and much more. We provide two versions of protection: Office 365 backup or Office 365 backup and archiving specifically created for the extra demands placed on regulated firms who need a bundled solution of email backup with advanced archiving.

High Cost of Data Loss

IBM and the Ponemon Institute recently researched the cost of lost or breached data.* According to their study, the cost of lost or stolen records and files is very high. Some of the highlights of the study include:

  • $3.62 million: average total cost of a data breach
  • $141: average cost per lost or stolen records
  • 27.7%: likelihood of a recurring data breach over the next 2 years
  • 2.1%: increase in the likelihood of a recurring material data breach

With over 200,000 organizations in over 180 markets across 39 languages using Teams – and that number is growing daily – it’s clear backup of Teams files is becoming an essential piece of a total data protection plan.**

Why Team Sites Files Backup is Necessary

Team Sites files are covered under the same protections as other O365 files, which is not as complete as many assume. Accidental and malicious file deletions happen every day. But the standard out-of-the-box O365 solution does not offer a permanent way to backup, keep and restore files that have been removed from the recycle bin. This is why Dropsuite provides the most advanced, secure and easy to use solution for backing up, restoring and protecting Teams files.

Dropsuite Office 365 Backup Includes:

  • Team Sites Files
  • Exchange Online
  • Calendars
  • Contacts
  • Tasks

Military-Grade Data Protection

Dropsuite provides the highest level of data security with military-grade encryption for Team Sites files. We use TLS or SSL connections coupled with military-grade encryption using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to ensure your files are safe in transit and at rest.

Unlimited Storage and Restore Option

With unlimited storage and restore there’s never a worry about running out of space. And your data is your data, you can restore as many or as few files as you need, as often as you need. This ensures you have the ability to backup all Team Sites files and restore them should a data disaster happen.

Dropsuite Email Backup and Archiving Makes Customers Happy

“Common Use Case for Team Sites File Backup and Restore”

Deleted Critical Files: Every hour of every day someone in an organization accidentally deletes a critical file. This becomes an issue when recycle bins are emptied, either manually or due to 30-day time limits for file retention. Finding the file is hard enough, especially if there are multiple users in multiple Teams. Trying to restore the file if it was deleted from the recycle bin is virtually impossible. This is the major hole in most firm’s data protection strategy.

Backed Up Critical Files: Setting up and running automated backups with Dropsuite’s Teams / O365 backup solution is fast and easy. Files are securely stored in a centralized cloud-based system. This ensures Team Sites files are protected and safe at all times. Even better, using advanced search it’s possible to find files extremely quickly across multiple users across multiple Teams. So should a critical file be needed, it’s fast and simple to find it and restore it.

Benefits of Team Sites File Backup

Automate the Backup Process Easily

Automate the Backup Process Easily

Take the work out of Team Sites file backups. You can backup your Teams / Office 365 files within 5 minutes and automate backups going forward. Incremental backups include unlimited storage and retention options to ensure you never run out of space.

Make Administration a Breeze

Make Administration a Breeze

Our single-pane-of-glass admin panel with roll-based access levels enables you to grant access easily. Create departments, groups and department admins. Easily grant access to users in and outside your firm such as IT Admin, Compliance Reviewers, Users etc.

Find it Fast with Advanced Search

Find it Fast with Advanced Search

Choose from 20 different attributes such as senders name, date, keyword, header and so on to filter and find the right files in our advanced search tool. You can also view, modify and delete search queries with just a click. This greatly simplifies file recovery.

Download and Restore with 1-Click

Download and Restore with 1-Click

One of our most popular features is 1-Click restore and download. You can easily restore or download single files, a set of files or all files to your personal computer. And in case of accidental deletions you can restore all using the 1-Click function.

Don’t Wait! Get a Demo or Free Trial Now

The enemy of preparation is procrastination. Don’t wait for a Team Sites file data disaster to happen. With our 15 minute demo and free NFR trial license, it’s fast and easy to learn how Dropsuite can help protect all your Team Sites files with secure backup, advanced search and recovery.

Contact us to learn how for just pennies a day Dropsuite can help you protect all your Team Sites files and the rest of your Office 365 data.

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